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  • Brand: Vermodje
  • Country of manufacture: Moldova
  • Release form: Tablets
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  • Description of Anastrover
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  • Anastrozole intake table on the course
  • Possible side effects, contraindications
  • Why Anastrozole is Considered the Best Antiestrogen
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If you are actively involved in sports, striving to achieve ideal proportions, give relief to your body, but are afraid to inject various injectable drugs, then we recommend that you look at more gentle and effective pills. Anastrozole is the best option. It is used for oncological diseases, it is no less in demand among bodybuilders who seek to minimize the appearance of side effects from strong steroids. In the online store of sports pharmacology Hulkshop, such tablets are always in stock.

Description of Anastrover

This anabolic steroid will help prevent gynecomastia. From regular use of the drug, the water balance in the body will be at the same level. It helps lower estrogen levels. Result: prevention of fluid retention in the body, its accumulation.

We list the main advantages of the drug:

  • prevents gynecomastia,
  • has a pronounced antiestrogenic effect,
  • will increase the amount of anabolic hormones that make up the blood,
  • make the body more athletic and embossed,
  • increases muscle mass, strength,
  • burns fat deposits
  • promotes endurance.

If you believe the numerous reviews, then this oral steroid allows you to quickly increase the muscles, prepare yourself for the competition.

Anastrozole prices

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Now you can buy Anastrozole tablets online by visiting the Hulkshop online store page. Only certified drugs from well-known brands are provided here, no fakes. Prices for Anastrozole are always affordable, they are much lower than in other pharmacies. So 50 tablets in a blister will cost you 479 UAH, and a package (100 pcs.) 899 UAH. Also, the cost is affected by who produced the drug.


If you are interested in post-cycle therapy, then this drug should be combined with another. For example, it may be Tamoxifen. So you quickly restore strength after taking anabolic steroids, feel the energy.

It is not enough just to buy Anastrozole in Kyiv, it is important to take it correctly. It is ideal for athletes who have used an increased dosage of any anabolic steroid. It is recommended to drink these steroids on several occasions.

  • If a lot of side effects appeared while taking steroids, then the optimal dosage of Anastrozole will be considered 0.25-1 mg per 24 hours.
  • You can take this drug first, and then start a course with other steroids (therapeutic dosage).
  • Anastrozole should not be used for longer than 14 days. It is advisable to take one tablet before meals. If you need to buy Anastrozole at a price that will be the most affordable in Kyiv, then make a purchase at Hulkshop.

    Anastrozole intake table on the course

    A week

    Anastrozole mg/week















    10 tablets

    Possible side effects, contraindications

    Although the drug is recognized as highly effective, in demand among athletes and as safe as possible, it is not suitable for everyone.At risk will be pregnant, lactating women, people with renal / hepatic insufficiency, sensitive to a certain component in the composition of the tablets. If you have an electrolyte imbalance, have heart problems, then consider other steroids.

    Side effects include:

    • muscle reduction,
    • joint pain,
    • migraine,
    • feeling of nausea,
    • decreased sex drive,
    • frequent depression and stress,
    • increase in cholesterol levels,
    • decrease in bone strength.

    Now you can buy Anastrozole in Ukraine at the lowest prices from direct manufacturers.

    Why Anastrozole is Considered the Best Antiestrogen

    Among professional athletes, there are many who cannot do without the help of potent steroids. These drugs usually have severe side effects. As a result, then one has to treat suddenly appeared diseases that are hidden inside a beautiful body. So Anastrozole pills that minimize the risk of such an unpleasant situation.

    Initially, the drug was not created for athletes. It has been used to treat breast tumors. Today, such tablets have found another use. They have proven themselves as a remedy for aromatization, therefore they are highly valued in bodybuilding, athletics, where you need to cope with increased loads.

    The drug makes it possible to reduce the level of estradiol by almost 80 percent. It takes a milligram of Anastrozole to get this result.


    Anastrozole will be a very useful drug for athletes who have been taking strong steroids for a long time. It will help keep your body and health in excellent condition. To achieve the maximum effect, the tablet should be taken with a glass of water. Women after taking such pills complain about a failure in the hormonal background, because such a drug is contraindicated for them.


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