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  • Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Country of manufacture: Moldova
  • Release form: Ampoules
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Description and principle of action of the drug Aquatest (Aquatest)

This tool enjoys an excellent reputation, due to the wide range of its action. The steroid is used by amateur and professional athletes in various sports from light to weightlifting.

As part of testosterone, there is no ether, that is, the drug is a hormone in its pure form. According to its content, it is a liquid solution. Getting into the circulatory system of an athlete, Aquatest is generated into a pure hormone, indistinguishable from the natural one. The athlete's body reacts extremely actively to injections of this drug. The drug, due to its rapid elimination from the blood, is not very susceptible to detection by doping tests, and if it is used correctly, this is almost impossible.

Having an effect on the body close in its characteristics to propianate, but has a number of significant differences.

The drug is used, mainly in courses to increase mass and increase strength characteristics. Less effective in the manifestation of muscle relief.

Useful advice: At present, it is not difficult to buy steroids such as testosterone suspension, after all, the drug has long been known and is used by athletes everywhere. However, it is worth noting that on the anabolic market, you can often find products from unscrupulous manufacturers, which can lead to negative consequences for the body. To avoid this, it will not be superfluous to read the information on the Farm Shop website.

Effects from the use of Aquatest (Aquatest)

Like other forms of the testosterone hormone, the suspension has a beneficial effect on the athlete's body. However, it also has some distinctive properties that remove it from a number of hormone-containing preparations due to its relevance. This is the speed of semi-elimination from the body and an instantly developing anabolic effect, which is noticeable almost a day after the injection.

According to some parameters of the impact on the body, anabolic can be compared with propionate. The drug itself has the following effect on the athlete:

  • Significantly and rapidly increase power characteristics.
  • There is an increase in muscle mass.
  • Insulin-like growth factor adds its level of presence in the body.
  • Reduces, by rapid splitting, the amount of fatty fibers.
  • The level of oxygen in the blood is increased.
  • Increases libido.

It should also be noted that, due to the rate of excretion from the body, testosterone becomes difficult to detect even for the latest doping control methods, already a few weeks after the completion of the course.

Method of administration and dosage Aquatest (Aquatest)

The daily dosage of the suspension should be no more than 100 milligrams, the peak concentration of the substance in the athlete's blood will be observed within 2 days after the injection. The duration of the course of taking testosterone is not recommended to exceed more than a month.

It is advisable to inject into different parts of the body, this will prevent pain and irritation of the skin. However, the point use of the drug affects not only the places where the drug was injected, but extends to the entire body of the athlete.Also, to minimize the pain from the injection, which, although less pronounced than that of propionate, is nonetheless very noticeable, the joint administration of vitamin B 12 or drug painkillers, for example, Lidocaine or Novocaine, will help.

Testosterone is combined with other anabolic agents to achieve a more pronounced steroid effect. For example, by including equipoise or nandrolone in the course, you can significantly increase the increase in muscle mass.

Side effects of Aquatest

A drug with high androgenic activity, if the dosage is exceeded or the duration of the course is increased, it can lead to side effects. Among the negative consequences for the body, stand out:

  • the appearance of acne on the skin,
  • saturation of the body with unnecessary fluid. And as a result of this, the appearance of puffiness,
  • possible manifestation of gynecomastia.

If you use the suspension with a significant overdose, liver problems may occur.

Negative consequences are not difficult to eliminate with the help of post-course rehabilitation, by taking antiestrogenic drugs. Esterless testosterone should be used from the first day in a single dose, with a subsequent increase in duration.

Aquatest reviews

Athletes prefer to choose a testosterone suspension, taking into account the speed of testosterone action and a fairly rapid elimination from the body. In addition, with minimal side effects, the drug has many positive characteristics. Athletes also take into account that the price of this drug is quite affordable and everyone can order testosterone. Of course, some of those taking the steroid noted tangible painful manifestations during the injection, but this inconvenience is eliminated by the simultaneous administration of painkillers.


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