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  • Brand: ERGO
  • Country of manufacture: England
  • Release form: bottle
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Boldenone buy for use in bodybuilding

Boldenone is an excellent steroid that combines a weak androgenic and estrogenic effect on the body. It can be fully called soft testosterone, because in its own structure it is not much different from it. The main difference lies in the presence of a double bond in positions 1 and 4. It is thanks to this feature that the drug is in excellent demand among experienced bodybuilders. You can buy Boldenone in our online store hulkshop, which specializes in the sale of sports pharmacology of excellent quality.

The principle of operation of the tool

Boldenone is an anabolic steroid drug that was originally used only in veterinary medicine. But later it became widespread in weightlifting and among athletes. If we talk about its composition, it is very similar to testosterone, only it has a slightly different effect on the body. They prefer to buy Boldenone because it has a positive effect on metabolic processes. Its use significantly accelerates the synthesis of proteins, which in itself has a positive effect on the growth of muscle mass.

The effectiveness of Boldenone (ERGO)

It is not at all difficult to buy Boldenone in Ukraine if you know where it is best to purchase and how to properly use the drug to achieve your goals. Boldenone (ERGO) is popular due to its properties, in particular:

  • With a slow half-life of the active ingredient, boldenone allows you to increase high-quality muscle mass with a 100% guarantee,
  • Efficiency helps to improve appetite, which is important for athletes,
  • Raises overall indicators of strength and endurance,
  • Causes a set of red blood cells in the bloodstream, making it easier for tissues to be saturated with oxygen,
  • Improves metabolic processes
  • Increases protein synthesis.
  • Boldenone can be bought in Ukraine for both beginners and professional athletes, because the remedy has a low harmful effect on the liver and the body as a whole, if compared with other drugs of this class. It should also be noted a weak androgenic effect.

    Adverse symptoms

    In the most rare cases, such negative symptoms of a steroid appear as:

    • Baldness on the head
    • Rash, acne,
    • prostate hypertrophy.

    In general, the remaining bad manifestations actually do not occur if an overdose is not allowed.

    Without health risks, even girls can use the drug, despite the fact that most of the anabolic steroids are generally contraindicated for them. Buy Boldenone in Kyiv, will be able to those who do not have any health barriers. The tool is forbidden to use for people who have a history of diseases of the cardiovascular system, since boldenone tends to increase blood cholesterol levels.

    Terms of use of the drug

    In order for the medication to be better perceived, it is ideal to use it in combination with fish oil and not take a lot of fatty foods. Boldenone can be used in sports disciplines both on a solo cycle and in combination with other anabolics. The recommended daily dose in the form of injections is 400-800 mg. Small doses give weak effectiveness, and exceeded ones increase the chance of unwanted effects. The duration of the course of boldenone lasts approximately 7-10 weeks. After the withdrawal of consumption, it is necessary to undergo post-cycle therapy.

    Since boldenone is an ether of undecelenate, injections are recommended every week. Its activity is expressed in the body for more than 4 weeks. A dose of 300-400 mg is considered optimal and will not be toxic to the liver.

    To buy Boldenone in Ukraine means to make the best assortment for mass gain. The steroid will give a wonderful result of venousness, as it is most often used during the period of dry mass gain. But, in the case of the use of steroids that improve appetite, specifically boldenone is considered to be such, there will be no difficulty with weight loss. Most bodybuilders observe a good combination of the drug with testosterone enanthate and cypionate to get a more pronounced result.

    Where to buy Boldenone inexpensively?

    Our online store offers to buy Boldenone Ukraine at a favorable price, which will definitely be affordable for you. To do this, it is recommended only to go to our website, make a purchase and wait for the product to be paid, which can be paid by cash on delivery. Buying steroids is now easier than ever, because we have a wide range of original products from the most famous representatives in the pharmacology market.

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