Clomid (Klomidozol-50)


  • Brand: Sopharma
  • Country of manufacture: Bulgaria
  • Release form: Tablets
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Clomid (Klomidozol-50)

After any steroid course, it is mandatory to carry out post-cycle therapy, in other words, PCT. It helps to return the production of hormones to normal and the most effective drugs for this are antiestrogen.

Why take Clomid

Clomid is the most popular drug for post-cycle therapy. After taking AAS, your own hormones practically cease to be produced, you need to force the endocrine glands to work normally. After all, our body, lazy and cunning, believes that if you can take a hormone from outside, then it’s as if you don’t need to produce it yourself and simply turns off the pituitary-hypothalamus-ovarian axis. And the longer this axis does not work, fully functioning or working only at minimum wages, the more difficult it is to start this part of the body again. That is why the early intake of Clomid is indicated in all courses of steroids.

During the reception of Clomid occurs:

  • influence on the production of own FSH and LH,
  • connection with the estrogen receptors of the active substance of the drug (even if, according to the analysis of estrogen, there is a large amount, then it is in an inactive form),
  • from the second week of taking Clomid, the level of one's own testosterone returns to normal to those indicators that were before the start of the course.

How to take Clomid

The duration of taking Clomid depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Usually the course of PCT on this drug is 2-3 weeks. The dosage depends directly on what the course of steroids was. The more drugs there were, the longer they were taken, the longer the PCT will be.

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