Gonadotropin 1000


  • Brand: Moscow Endocrine Plant
  • Country of manufacture: Russia
  • Release form: bottle
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  • Gonadotropin in bodybuilding
  • Dosage Gonadotropin 1000
  • Using hCG for weight loss
  • Use of hCG in combination with anabolic steroids

Among all the benefits of Gonadotropin 1000, athletes are primarily interested in anabolic and preventive properties. Chorionic gonadotropin enhances the synthesis of testosterone, and most importantly, it stimulates the activity of the testicles and prevents their atrophy. If you are using bodybuilding steroids, using Gonadotropin 1000 will help control the concentration of testosterone in the body and maintain testicular function at the proper level. You can buy human chorionic gonadotropin in our Hulkshop online store at the best prices in Ukraine.

Gonadotropin in bodybuilding

This drug is widely used in strength sports. Its application solves four main tasks:

  • supporting the necessary anabolic activity for muscle growth,
  • weight loss while maintaining the entire mass gained,
  • prevention of testicular atrophy when taking steroids,
  • postoperative therapy to restore the functions of the male gonads.

It should also be mentioned that the hormone has a luteinizing effect on the female body – it contributes to the proper formation of the corpus luteum in the ovaries.

Dosage Gonadotropin 1000

Taking into account specific goals, the dosage of gonadotropin is prescribed individually. If you strictly follow the instructions for use, the drug eliminates the effects of taking steroids, but does not affect the body in any way.It is a safe hormone that controls endogenous testosterone synthesis, naturally increasing anabolic activity.

Using hCG for weight loss

A controversial use of hCG is as an addition to a low-calorie diet developed by British endocrinologist ATW Simeons. This technique will allow you to lose fat from a very low calorie diet without losing muscle tissue, thereby fighting obesity. However, the scientific community believes that the use of Gonadotropin 1000 for weight loss is ineffective and unsafe.

Use of hCG in combination with anabolic steroids

In the world of performance-enhancing drugs, Gonadotropin 1000 is increasingly used in combination with multiple cycles of anabolic steroids.

In men, hCG mimics luteinizing hormone and helps restore and maintain testosterone production in the testicles. Because of this, hCG is commonly used during and after steroid cycles to maintain and restore testicular size, as well as to produce endogenous testosterone. However, if hCG is used for too long and at too high a dose (with consequent increases in natural testosterone), it will eventually inhibit its own production through negative feedback to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.


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