Halotestin (Magnus)


  • Brand: Magnus Pharmaceuticals
  • Country of manufacture: India
  • Release form: Tablets
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Halotestin – the perfect drug for increasing strength without mass gain

Halotestin is a substance that is a steroid in tablet form, which has high androgenic activity and moderate anabolic activity. The main active substance underlying the agent is fluoxymesterone. It was first released to the pharmacological market in the 50s and was intended to heal fractures, burns, and muscular dystrophy. In the future, he also showed himself well in therapeutic post-cycle therapy for breast cancer in female athletes, not amenable to surgical intervention. Halotestin to buy, first of all, is selected by representatives of weightlifting, for whom it is vital to increase the results of strength in such a way that the belonging to the weight class in their sports discipline does not change.

Characteristics of Halotestin (Magnus)

Many athletes want to buy Halotestin, because due to its individual structure, the active ingredient does not transform into estrogen, and this avoids the problem of gynecomastia. The steroid has no progestogenic activity, and no effect on androgen receptors. Due to these characteristics, the tool is not used for mass recruitment.

Positive symptoms from Halotestin (Magnus) are justified by its pronounced androgenic activity. It is best used by weightlifters, weightlifters who need additional strength, and not additional mass gain.The product also leads to increased production of hemoglobin, which allows you to increase the results of endurance and reduce the time period that is suitable for the regeneration of the body after heavy physical exertion. The steroid is used in their own appointments by strongmen immediately before the competition to prevent weight loss and give muscles hardness.

What are the positive effects of fluoxymesterone

Every strongman wants to buy Halotestin Ukraine for his unique abilities, which lead to increased consequences:

  • Increase in aggression
  • Strengthening the density and relief of muscles,
  • A small set of muscle mass is allowed, which is observed with prolonged use,
  • Stimulation of hemoglobin production, which leads to increased endurance,
  • An increase in the production of red blood cells in the bloodstream, due to which more oxygen enters the muscle cells,
  • Reduction of fat reserves. Studies have shown that halotestin leads to an acceleration of fatty acid oxidation in muscle fibers.

Terms of Use

Most strongmen choose to buy Halotestin. There are many rules for using the drug, both as a solo course and in combination with other steroid drugs. Beginners take pills for 8 weeks at 30 mg daily, and at the onset of the 9th week, they begin to take pc. It is worth taking the drug together with tamoxifen 20 mg per day. This will give the ability to reduce the rollback phenomenon at the end of the cycle. This scheme only works to increase strength.

For muscle growth, halotestin is taken in combination with primobolan and trenbolone enanthate. It can also be used outside of the main course.

Adverse symptoms

The active substance fluoxymesterone, due to its high androgenic activity, can lead to such undesirable consequences:

  • baldness,
  • acne,
  • prostate hypertrophy,
  • The risk of tumors.

The drug is strictly prohibited for use by female athletes due to powerful virilization. The drug inhibits the function of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis arch and inhibits the production of testosterone, which is why it is not important to forget about the use of a full cycle of post-cycle therapy. In order to avoid all of the above side effects, it is important to use tablets thoughtfully and in clearly prescribed dosages.

Where to buy halotestin at an affordable price?

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