Ligandrol Ligandrol (LGD-4033)


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  • Country of manufacture: USA
  • Release form: Capsules
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  • Why Ligandrol?
  • Using LGD-4033
  • Side effects of LGD 4033
  • Ligandrol user reviews

Buy Ligandrol (Ligandrol LGD-4033) which is a medicine used to restore wasted muscles caused by neuromuscular diseases or dystrophy in the Hulk Shop online sports pharmacology store at the lowest prices in Ukraine. The drug works by increasing muscle mass. It is from the family of selective androgen receptor modulators.

Why Ligandrol?

In muscle wasting diseases, muscle density is reduced and also becomes very weak, which can ultimately affect cardiovascular and bone health. The heart and bones play an important role as heart disease and osteoporosis affect muscle density.

Why Ligandrol? LGD-4033 binds to the androgen receptor found in the body. Androgens are found predominantly in men and slightly in women.

Ligandrol helps increase muscle mass in muscle diseases. Aging is a natural process as with age the integrity of the muscles is lost and the muscles become weak and lean. The use of Ligandrol can restore muscle strength.

Using LGD-4033

  • Muscle density. Aging can cause a decrease in muscle density and muscle mass. The clinical study included 30 elderly people, 15 men and 15 women from the same community.15 patients were given a loading dose of LGD-4033 3 mg for eight weeks, while another 15 were given a lower dose of LGD-4033 for the same period of time. The higher dosage set was found to have significant changes such as increased muscle mass, improved physical strength, and improved cardiovascular performance. Meanwhile, there were minor changes in the other set.
  • Cardiovascular health. The cardiac cycle is one of the most complex cycles in the human body. The heart is a muscular organ with a musculoskeletal structure. Ligandrol is essential for people who often suffer from muscle wasting and weight loss as a result of heart disease. The clinical study involved 10 patients suffering from heart failure. They took a loading dose of Ligandrol (3 mg) for three weeks and then tapered to a maintenance dose (1 mg) for five weeks. This resulted in a significant improvement in heart rate readings as cholesterol levels dropped. The relationship between lipid profile and heart muscle is cholesterol levels, when lipid levels are normal, it prevents cardiovascular disease (CHD).
  • Bone health. Bone is the foundation on which muscles are built. When there is a bone problem, such as osteoporosis, the muscles are weak and cannot build up around the bone. LGD-4033 has been proven to improve bone health by increasing the amount of minerals and therefore consistently leads to increased bone strength and density. Naturally, osteoporosis is a condition in which the mineral content of the bones decreases, resulting in brittleness. In addition, a decrease in bone mass can also be the result of a hormonal deficiency.Ligandrol acts as a hormone in bones and muscles, therefore increasing bone mass to prevent possible muscle injuries or fractures.
  • Side effects of LGD 4033

    These effects are mostly the result of wrong dosing plans or overuse (abuse) or Ligandrol is not right for you. If you notice any of these effects, please see your doctor.

    • Pain in testicles
    • Zero or no muscle gain after 5-6 weeks
    • Arthritis-like joint pain
    • Gastrointestinal Disorders
    • Loss of power
    • Insomnia
    • erectile dysfunction
    • Headache from high blood pressure
    • Irregular menstrual cycle
    • Hair loss or alopecia
    • Change in skin color

    Ligandrol user reviews

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    All reviews about Ligandrol are based on various clinical studies conducted on patients. Which also proved the effectiveness of the drug.

    • No water retention in the kidneys
    • Muscle gain
    • Improved Liver Function Test
    • Healthy Neurology
    • healthy physiology
    • fat loss
    • Better joint flexibility
    • Hormonal balance
    • no amenorrhea
    • Good heart rate
    • Tightness of weakened muscles

    LGD-4033 has proven to be very effective, especially in muscle diseases or dystrophy. With a selective function, it also helps the body regain lost weight by gently breaking down unwanted fats through lipolysis. Ligandrol, helps in anabolism and efficient protein synthesis. Since strength, agility and endurance increase simultaneously, this is the result of an increase in bone and muscle mass.


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