Masteron (Masto P)


  • Brand: Zillt Medicine
  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Release form: Ampoules
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Specification for Masteron (Masto P) Zillt Medicine

Zillt Medicine manufactures a product based on drostanolone propionate. Please note that the steroid is based on a propionate ester. The ability of the steroid to quickly burn adipose tissue is especially popular among bodybuilders. At the same time, the drug can minimize the return, which is also important. Unlike other anabolic steroids, Masteron (Masto P) not only cannot interact with aromatase, but is also an inhibitor of this enzyme.

Buffs Masteron (Masto P)

  • significantly improved physical performance
  • in one course you can burn up to three percent of fat,
  • helps to reduce the rebound effect,
  • gives muscles additional hardness and relief,
  • improves mood and well-being.

Properties and mechanism of action of the drug Masteron (Masto P)

Masteron is considered an anabolic steroid that is available as propionate and enanthoin esters. It has high androgenic activity. Its characteristic is also a rather moderate anabolic effect. In addition, this anabolic steroid will not aromatize no matter what dosage you choose for yourself. This means that an athlete can safely increase their androgen levels in the blood without fear that this will increase the level of estrogen.

How to take the drug correctly

Before you start taking the drug, you should clarify the indications for the use of the drug. When you start taking Masteron, you will be able to give your muscles the proper elasticity, sharpness and hardness.Without problems, you can take about 100 milligrams of the drug three times a week. This frequency is necessary so that Masteron (Masto P) does not break down quickly in the body. In principle, this is the best option for those moments when you need to pass a doping test. Thanks to him, you can not only prepare for the competition, but also pump up good muscles. There may also be contraindications to its use, but they are determined by the individual tolerance of the drug.

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