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  • Brand: SP Laboratories
  • Country of manufacture: Moldova
  • Release form: bottle
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Drostanolone is used as an active ingredient in Masteron. This steroid has a powerful androgenic effect, and its anabolic properties are moderate. The high androgenic index of Masteron is due to the nature of the steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone. Surely you know that it is this substance in the body that has the strongest androgenic effect.

masteron solo

The manufacturer Masteron solo – Sp Laboratories is not worth introducing for a long time. Any domestic athlete has probably used the products of this world-famous company. Employees of Sp Laboratories monitor all the latest trends in sports pharmacology and try to introduce new technologies into their production as quickly as possible. Not many manufacturers of ACC can boast of support at the state level.

Let's pay attention to the excellent quality ratio – Masteron Propionate buy, which is typical for all products of the company. We also note that the management of the manufacturer pays great attention to the protection of its products. In any case, you will be insured against the purchase of fake drugs if you decide to buy Masteron in specialized stores.

Effects Masteron Ukraine

It should immediately be said that the Masteron solo course is a unique steroid and it can be bought in Ukraine, Kharkov, Odessa, Kyiv.Not only is it incapable of converting to estradiol, but it also has an inhibitory effect on female hormones.

Due to the powerful androgenic effect, athletes learn a huge increase in strength indicators. Among the main properties of Masteron Ukraine we note:

  • An excellent estrogen receptor inhibitor,
  • After a course of stanozolol, your muscles will become even more prominent and its vascularity will increase,
  • The level of globulin will drop sharply, which will automatically increase the impact of other AAS used on the course,
  • Catabolic reactions are inhibited, which contributes to the preservation of muscles.

Masteron price and application

Masteron how to take, reviews, original, forum and characteristics. On average, a masteron course lasts from 6 to 10 weeks. For seven days, you should use 0.3 to 0.5 grams of masteron solo, introducing it every second or third day. It is possible to use Masteron and girls, but at much lower doses, equal to 50 milligrams per week. In this case, the injection must be given no more than three times within seven days.

For the mass-gaining cycle, the combination of Masteron Propionate with Stanozolol proved to be excellent. This cycle will allow you to get dry mass with minimal rollback. If you want to dry, then it is very difficult to find better Winstrol in combination with Masteron.

Our consultants will help you choose the right course and get out of it the right way. On our site you will find only original Masteron Propionate and no fakes.

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