Met-oxymethalone (MET-OXY 15)


  • Brand: Allchemasia
  • Country of manufacture: India
  • Release form: Tablets
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Meth-oxymethalone (MET-OXY 15) is an effective remedy for bodybuilders Contents Expand

  • The effect of Met-oxymethalone on the body
  • Side effects from Met-oxy overdose
  • Brief description of the substance Methyltestosterone
  • Briefly about Oxymetholone
  • Met-oxymethalone, conclusions

Methoxymetholone is an effective mixture in tablets containing Oxymetholone (10mg) and Methyltestosterone (5mg). The main purpose of this steroid and the reason for its popularity is a rapid increase in muscle mass, drying of the body, and a decrease in body fat. Such a drug is a complete replacement for Methane, but with a smaller list of side effects. You can buy high-quality Met-oxy at an affordable price in the Hulkshop online sports pharmacology store. Only original drugs from well-known brands come here.

The effect of Met-oxymethalone on the body

This drug is very popular with many bodybuilders, because it has great anabolic activity, but it has a lower androgenic index when compared with Methane (it has many side effects). Please note that at the end of the course of taking such pills, 40-70% of the gained muscles may go away, because a lot of water will accumulate.

All components in the composition of such a drug are not aromatized. They will act in the human body for about 15 hours, and disappear from it in 10. It takes 12 weeks to detect the remains of pills in the body, when the course of taking them is completed. What is Met-oxy for? The drug has many advantages:

  • it helps to gain muscle mass,
  • provokes the appearance of the pumping effect,
  • increases endurance, strength,
  • reduces the level of globulin,
  • burns subcutaneous fat (especially noticeable on the stomach),
  • activates spermatogenesis,
  • strengthens bones, joints,
  • reduces the risk of stretch marks, injuries during training.
  • Met-oxymethalone can be drunk by female athletes because it has low androgenic activity. This is a significant plus of the steroid, because many of these drugs are intended exclusively for men.

    Side effects from Met-oxy overdose

    If you start taking too many pills, you will get a whole list of side effects. This:

    • Vomiting.
    • Migraine.
    • Increased oiliness of the scalp.
    • Acne.
    • Virilization.
    • High sexual activity.

    At the slightest change, if the state of health worsens, these steroids should be stopped.

    Brief description of the substance Methyltestosterone

    This substance quickly enters the bloodstream, has a short half-life. It will be absorbed through the oral cavity, is potent. If the main goal of an athlete is to increase aggressiveness, then Methyltestosterone will do the job perfectly. It is recommended for security officials and weightlifters who are preparing for the competition. An hour after drinking, a person becomes more aggressive, self-confident, he clearly sees the goal and motivation. In America, methyltestosterone is especially popular among football players.

    In bodybuilding, the use of the substance is limited. To constantly build muscle, it is better to choose other steroids, for example, Danabol. Methyltestosterone is effective and useful when you need to quickly gain weight and add strength before the competition. It will retain water, so athletes will appear strong and massive until it leaves the body.

    Side effects:

  • possible liver damage
  • pressure surges,
  • gynecomastia.
  • Briefly about Oxymetholone

    This substance has one feature:

  • with its help you can quickly build muscle mass,
  • get rid of pain in the bones, joints,
  • increase endurance.
  • This is a potent component in the composition of many steroids, which were originally treated for osteoporosis, anemia, activated muscle growth in sick and weak patients.

    When other drugs appeared to eliminate such ailments, Oxymethanol began to be actively used by athletes, athletes, and especially powerlifters.

    What effect should be expected? Oxymetholone will increase strength, make joints more flexible and mobile, eliminate pain, and reduce globulin levels. Thanks to it, synovial fluid will begin to be produced more strongly.

    Side effects:

    • chill feeling,
    • lack of appetite,
    • gagging,
    • constipation, diarrhea,
    • muscle cramps,
    • probable bleeding,
    • high pressure,
    • pimples on the skin
    • baldness,
    • migraine,
    • swelling, accumulation of water in the body.

    Women from the influence of the substance can become masculine. Their voice is coarsened, the body becomes more prominent, muscular.

    Met-oxymethalone, conclusions

    This oral steroid is ideal for quick muscle gains, but for long-term use, it is better to choose other drugs. Study the list of side effects, correctly calculate the dosage with a specialist.

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