Peptides (PEG-MGF)


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  • Country of manufacture: Canada
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Peptide (PEG-MGF)

The peptide (PEG-MGF) was created as an analogue of insulin-like growth factor. Its task is to enhance the division of muscle tissue cells of myoblasts, thereby leading to accelerated regeneration in case of damage during training.

Why peptides are needed (PEG-MGF)

According to the functionality of PEG, MHF is similar to the hormone somatotropin, but it does not affect the growth of bone and cartilage tissues of the body. The liver is responsible for the production of mechanical growth factor without GH acting as a booster for the process, this does not happen. Age-related changes reduce progress the most, causing muscular dystrophy in ordinary people, athletes simply cannot cross a certain line in muscle mass gain, reach a new frontier. PEG-MGF allows you to reverse the decline in growth factor production by acting as a stimulant.

Bodybuilders, athletes who are fond of power sports often use the drug in mass gain courses. The interval required for recovery after training is noticeably shortened. The price for PEG-MGF peptides is much lower than for somatotropin, which has a similar effect, the effect of its use is higher than when using GH.

Advantages of using PEG MHF:

  • increase in muscle mass gain,
  • increase in strength indicators,
  • slight decrease in the proportion of body fat,
  • acceleration of protein synthesis,
  • acceleration of recovery processes,
  • increase, strengthen immunity,
  • increase in endurance.

PEG-MGF Peptides: Dosage, Side Effects

The optimal dose of the drug is 100mcg per day. It must be administered on training days, no more than 4 times a week, but not less than 2.Increasing the dosage to 200 mcg and above is not recommended, side effects are possible: swelling, itching of the extremities, tachycardia, nosebleeds.

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