Primobolan (Primirox)


  • Brand: Cipla
  • Country of manufacture: India
  • Release form: bottle
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Primobolan is the perfect drying medication

Primobolan is considered the most common drug, as it has shown good results in the process of drying muscles. In addition, it quickly improves athletes' performance and physical performance. Primobolan is chosen by most bodybuilders, because it has an insignificant result and there are no negative effects when using it. Athletes who have already at least once resorted to the help of a drug for enhanced physical activity could observe an improvement in the relief of muscle mass, with a clear venous drawing.

Efficiency Primirox

Many bodybuilders choose to buy Primobolan in order to dry and keep the already existing muscle mass in perfect shape. Also, the drug indicates good symptoms in combination with other remedies. The increase in quality relief will certainly become significant and remain after the passage of the cycle for a long period of time. Because Primirox has a mild androgenic effect, it does not belong to the group of anabolics.

Primobolan will achieve the following effects:

  • Increasing endurance performance,
  • Increasing the strength of muscle density,
  • Muscle drying with excellent venous drawing,
  • Weak, but high-quality set of muscles.

In the pharmaceutical market, Primobolan can be found in 2 forms of release, pills and injections. But in order to achieve the maximum result, it is better to use the drug in injections, since it is much more powerful in influence, and it is less harmful to the liver area.

Steroid Properties

What is the uniqueness of Primobolan? The drug has no relatives. Its feature lies in the fact that the steroid is not amenable to transition into estrogen. This makes it possible to prevent such bad effects as acne, swelling of the mammary glands and fluid retention in the body. However, do not assume that there is no need to use post-cycle therapy if the unpleasant results are not so visible.

Primobolan course will allow you to get the desired effect in a short period of time. It maintains nitrogen perfectly and does not cause swelling due to zero water retention, which makes it indispensable for drying. Anabolic copes unsurpassedly with the preservation of muscle tissue and immediately removes excess water. In most cases, it does not affect sexual desire. However, there may be exceptions in the form of a drop in libido in athletes who allow the dose to be exceeded or take it for more than the specified time.

Rules of use and dosage

It is believed that Primobolan shows the best effect during the course, the duration of which lasts 8 months. The permissible dose of the active substance for beginner athletes is 400 mg per week. For professional strongmen, it is allowed to increase the dosage to 1000 mg per week.

Since the active substance is nothing more than a long ether, strongmen in most cases use it once a week. Some wish to divide its use into several introductions. Primobolan price is completely affordable, so that athletes can afford to go through a full cycle of the drug.

In parallel with the use of the drug, it would be nice to drink post-cycle therapy 3 weeks after the end of the use.

Application table Primirox

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Possibility of negative consequences

Before taking a course of Primobolan solo, athletes must consider the correctness of its use, and also take care of safety. This product among strongmen and representatives of other sports disciplines is considered one of the safest, yet it does not cause unpleasant effects.

Incorrect reception can cause the appearance of such undesirable manifestations as:

  • male pattern hair loss,
  • The development of increased hairiness in women,
  • An increase in the concentration of bad cholesterol, which can be avoided by proper dietary nutrition,
  • A slight decrease in the production of natural male hormone.
  • In order to avoid bad side effects, it is important to adhere to the rules of administration and not exceed the prescribed doses.

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