Primobolan (Primo)


  • Brand: Zillt Medicine
  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Release form: Ampoules
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Description of the drug Primobolan (Primo) Zillt Medicine

One of those rare drugs that are approved for both male bodybuilders and adult women is Primobolan, which is inexpensive. This is a gentle steroid created for high-quality muscle drying. The main substance is methenolone, in tablets enanthate and in ampoules – acetate. Anabolic and androgenic properties are significantly inferior to testosterone. Buy Primobolan (Primo) for the first course is not the best option. For those bodybuilders who are not taking the aas course for the first time, the remedy is well suited.

The effect of Primobolan on the body

This is a rather weak steroid with anabolic activity of 88%. In order not to sting painful injections on the drying course, many athletes choose Primobolan tablets. The time of excretion of the tablets is up to 6 weeks, when administered orally, the drug does not act for long, about 5 hours.

On the drying course of Primobolan, the price of which in injections is lower than in tablets, the following significant effects are observed:

  • significantly increases strength
  • stimulates metabolism, which means that fat deposits are removed faster than usual,
  • makes the muscles more visible, dense and convex,
  • allows you to save the weight already gained on the diet.

Primobolan is often compared to Masteron. In fact, the active ingredient is similar to testosterone enanthate. Athletes note that for all its harmlessness in liquid form, methenolone has such a drawback as discomfort at the injection site.Therefore, bodybuilders in Ukraine often buy Primobolan tablets.

Dosage of Primobolan (Primo) Zylt Medicine

The drug does not affect the liver, does not cause edema and gynecomastia. If the maximum dosage is exceeded, theoretically this can happen. The injection form of Primobolan is more convenient in terms of price and maintaining an even hormonal background.

Despite the fact that anabolic steroids are quite weak, it is not recommended to take more than 100 mg per day (tablets) and 400 mg per week (injections). 8 weeks of the course alone or in combination will be enough to achieve the desired effect. PCT starts a few days after completion.


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