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Stenabol activates the Rev-Erb protein, which affects the body's ability to process lipids and glucose. In layman's terms, this means your body is better able to burn fat, resulting in better weight loss and more endurance. You feel stronger, can do more exercise without feeling tired, burn more calories, and ultimately dry out faster.

SR9009 optimizes your body's fuel consumption. Fats and sugars, in fact, are the source of energy for your body. Buy Reverol to help convert or metabolize these nutrients to achieve maximum levels of performance in our online Hulkshop store.

Stenabol improves resting metabolic rate (your body burns fat even when you are sedentary). Thus, after eating, the body burns 5% more than it turns into fat. Minimizes cholesterol stores in the liver. It is especially important for people who are trying to lose weight or professionally train to achieve their ideal weight or control cholesterol and sugar levels for health reasons. Studies show that taking Stenabol daily can reduce:

  • plasma triglyceride level 12%,
  • total cholesterol 47%,
  • fatty acids 23%,
  • plasma glucose 19%,
  • plasma insulin levels 35% and pro-inflammatory cytokines 72%.

Thus, SR9009 could provide incredible health benefits for diabetics, dieters, or people with high cholesterol levels or at risk for heart disease and stroke. Since it improves muscle function, it can help athletes and coaches reach their fitness and performance goals.

Application of Stenabol

If you are using Stenabol to enhance and optimize your workouts, take it right before hitting the gym. It has a short half-life, so you will feel the full effect soon after taking it. Reverol will enhance the results of your exercises and increase endurance and fat loss.

Otherwise, it is best to take Stenabol 10 mg 3 times a day, usually before meals. This spreads its effects and allows you to maintain a faster metabolism throughout the day.

Stenabol Combination

Some people also combine Stenabol with Cardarine, another weight loss fat burner. The secret lies in their chemical composition. Stenabol has a fast half-life, so its benefits are best experienced shortly after taking it. Cardarine, on the other hand, is slow burning, so fax oxidation occurs at lower levels but is felt throughout the day. Combining the two (with the approval of your trainer and doctor, of course) can help transform your body into a lean, average, 24-hour fat-burning machine. In this cycle, you can take about 20 milligrams of Cardarine with breakfast and then take 10 milligrams of SR9009 just before your workout.If you are taking SR9009 with Cardarine, only take Stenabol on days when you are actually exercising.

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If you're only taking Stenabol, the average recommended dose is 20 to 30 milligrams per day, taken every two or more hours. This would mean 10 milligram tablets for each meal, or 1 tablet every four hours.

Side effects

  • SR9009 does not affect hormonal activity and will not harm your body's ability to produce testosterone or disrupt your menstrual cycle. This is why there is no need to undergo post-cycle therapy (PCT) after using Stenabol. It will not affect the liver as it does not release toxins.
  • Moreover, there are no studies showing that SR9009 supplements can be habit-forming or tolerance-inducing, requiring higher doses to achieve the same effect. However, it has not been clinically proven to be safe to take during pregnancy or breastfeeding, so take proper precautions if you are trying to conceive, are already pregnant, or are breastfeeding.
  • In terms of immediate side effects, some people may experience headaches or migraines, dizziness, and acne. These are mild symptoms and should go away as your body adjusts to it.
  • In rare cases, Stenabol leads to a decrease in testosterone levels, which may be a contraindication for men who have problems with erectile dysfunction or low libido.


Stenabol will not replace a healthy diet, lifestyle and regular exercise. Taking SR9009 will not work if you continue to eat high-fat foods in large portions, or have bad habits: alcohol, smoking.


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