Stanozolol Propionate


  • Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Country of manufacture: Moldova
  • Release form: Tablets + Vial


Stanozolol propionate – a drug for PCT

Propionate stanozolol – this course is suitable for gaining lean muscle mass. In other words, a course for drying. With the help of this course, it will be possible to significantly improve the relief of your body, as well as gain a small amount of high-quality muscle tissue. Including if there is excess fat, the best course for cutting Stanozolol Propionate will help you get rid of it.

Propik stanozolol will initially give you a surge of strength, as well as endurance. Do not be alarmed if you are flooded in the first two weeks after you start taking propik. In the future, everything will normalize, and you will begin to acquire a beautiful shape of your body.

Winstrol on drying, or it is also called stanozolol, will remove excess fluid from your body. Thus, you will acquire the figure of your dreams. Muscles will begin to stand out, become more rigid. Visibly begin to appear venous.

Stanozolol propionate course

The testosterone propionate stanozolol course is one of the favorite courses of professional athletes who prepare their bodies for the summer or for the competition. And do not forget about proper nutrition, for how much the goal is to dry your body. For this reason, it is better to take carbohydrates before lunch, but after that, exclude and consume as much protein and fiber as possible. Do not interfere with the intake of protein, amino acids and BCAAs.

Propionate stanozolol course and its effects

  • increase in strength indicators
  • lean muscle growth
  • significant reduction in body fat
  • removal of water from the body
  • enhancement of the relief, as well as venous
  • muscle density and hardness
  • a big plus is the saving of all results

How to take a course of stanozolol propionate?

This course is for 8 weeks. Therefore, you will need 3 bottles of Testosterone Propionate and 6 bottles of Winstrol.

Propik is administered intramuscularly at 100 mg every other day. The injection can be administered both in the gluteal muscle and in the middle head of the shoulder. It is recommended to slightly warm the propionate by holding it under the arm for 5-10 minutes. Since the drug is made on an oil basis, this will facilitate the injection procedure.

Winstrol is also administered intramuscularly at 100 mg every other day or 50 mg every day. Before you draw the drug into the syringe, you need to shake it well in a vial or in an ampoule. Stanaza is practically the only drug that is made on a water basis. It is necessary to make an injection quickly, because the drug dries quickly inside the needle.

Due to the fact that injections must be given every day. We recommend changing injection sites. For example, one day in the left buttock, and the next in the right. You can also make injections in the shoulders, quads of the trapezoid and other places of muscle tissue. But at the same time, you need to know how to properly inject into a particular muscle.

Course testosterone propionate stanozolol

You can purchase this course in our sports pharmacology store from different manufacturers:

  • Allchemasia
  • Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Vermodje
  • SP Laboratories

If desired, you can combine manufacturers referring to the desire to get the effect in terms of price-quality ratio. In any case, you can always get advice from our specialist. With whom you can contact by any type of communication convenient for you by going to the contacts section.Also, our steroid store, represented by the manager, will give you a free consultation on all drugs available in our anabolic and steroid store. Remember that you can download detailed instructions for the use of stanozolol propionate drying in the section of the course itself by clicking on the download instruction button. The file you downloaded contains a detailed schedule with the application.

Recommendations for PCT

Clomid: 2 weeks after the end of the course – 7 days 2 tablets (100 mg) per day. – 14 days 1 tablet (50 mg) per day.


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