Sustanon 300 Pharmacom


  • Brand Name: Pharmacom
  • Country of manufacture: Moldova
  • Release form: bottle
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Buy Sustanon 300 Pharmacom for bodybuilding

Sustanon is a drug characterized by high anabolic and androgenic activity, as well as a potent, better and long-lasting property. It is based on 4 highly effective testosterone esters, each of which is responsible for the characteristic qualities:

  • Decanoate test,
  • Testosterone phenylpropionate,
  • testosterone isocaproate,
  • propionate test.
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    Features of the tool

    In the circle of athletes, Sustanon is considered to be a common drug. This is due to the fact that it has a number of advantages. Sustanon 250 is preferred by all strongmen, because it gives minimal fluid retention and aromatization. The special structure of the substance gives a pronounced synergistic result, which is expressed in positive properties:

  • The best effect when compared with other substances such as cypionate, propionate.
  • Rapid effect and long half-life.
  • The substance is activated in the human body after one day, and its effect can last 3-4 weeks due to the presence of decanoate in the product. This ingredient has a powerful androgenic effect on the body of athletes, along with a pronounced anabolic property. The use of the remedy helps a strong increase in strength indicators in parallel with an increase in body weight.Weightlifters emphasize that the cycle contributes to a significant increase in muscle mass due to the fact that water does not actually accumulate in the body and the substance does not aromatize. This steroid is highly sought after among experienced bodybuilders, as its effectiveness is observed even at low dosages.

    Usage and dosage of Sustanon 300 Pharmacom

    Most strongmen want to buy Sustanon 300 Pharmacom for its convenient injectable release form. An injection is given once a week. Between doses, a break of about 10 days is observed. Regarding the dosage, it is prescribed individually and can vary from 250 to 1000 mg. It is not recommended to abuse large doses, as this can lead to negative consequences. Before you buy Sustanon Ukraine, for its use in large dosages, you need to get advice from a doctor or a sports specialist. The steroid is used in a solo cycle, and together with other steroids, for example, anadrol, primobolan.

    It is better not to use Sustanon for athletes who have recently been in sports disciplines. This may lead to such a manifestation as virilization. But, in practice, everything is completely different, and professional women who have already received high-quality mass before, turn to the drug for help. It is now easy and simple to buy Sustanon 250 in Ukraine, as it is considered to be a frequently demanded drug in the pharmacological market.

    side effects

    You can buy Sustanon Kyiv at any suitable time, but it is important to be warned and know that the remedy still causes mild undesirable symptoms.

    Among the most common are:

    • gynecomastia,
    • Water accumulation and swelling
    • Insomnia,
    • Aggressiveness,
    • Local results and allergies,
    • Irritability,
    • Nausea, vomiting,
    • Itching, rashes, acne,
    • jumps in blood pressure,
    • prostate hypertrophy,
    • Increasing the concentration of calcium in the bloodstream.

    To prevent the manifestation of side effects, you need to adhere to the established dosages and buy only a high-quality and original product.

    Where to buy Sustanon at an affordable price?

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