Sustanon (SP Sustanon)


  • Brand: SP Laboratories
  • Country of manufacture: Moldova
  • Release form: bottle
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Sustanon SUSTANON SP Laboratories

SUSTANON is nothing more than Sustanon known to most athletes. The composition of the steroid includes several esters of the male hormone, which makes it possible to maintain high anabolism for a long time. Find out how to take SUSTANON and its dosage correctly.

The product line of all leading manufacturers of sports pharmacology has its own sustanon.

Due to the presence of esters of various durations of work in the composition, the drug allows you to maintain high anabolism for a long time, and it starts to work almost instantly. Our online store offers you to buy Sustamed at the most attractive price.

Effects of Sustanon SUSTANON – SP Laboratories

The properties of SUSTANON do not differ from the natural male hormone, which is understandable. With its help, the synthesis of protein compounds sharply increases in the body, which leads to a sharp increase in mass gain. Note that the drug has various effects, but we will highlight only the most important of them:

  • Mass gain increases dramatically,
  • The physical performance of athletes is increasing,
  • Positively affects the work of the articular-ligamentous apparatus,
  • Doesn't stress the liver
  • If the rehabilitation therapy is carried out correctly, then the rollback will be minimized,
  • Increase on the course and appetite, which is very important when gaining mass.

Application of Sustanon SUSTANON – SP Laboratories

Let's say right away that even novice athletes can conduct a course of Sustanon. To get the best possible results, it is enough for them to use 0.25 grams of the drug weekly.In turn, experienced athletes who have already completed more than one AAS cycle should use about 0.5 grams. The dosage of SUSTANON for professionals often exceeds one gram of the steroid.

SUSTANON proved to be excellent not only when used solo, but also as part of combined cycles. Excellent results are shown by the combination of SUSTANON and nandrolone decanoate. This bundle of steroids makes it possible to gain a large amount of mass. Anabolic can also be used for drying. In this case, it should be combined with oxandrolone or winstrol. The average duration of SUSTANON cycles is about two months.

Novice athletes really like not only the price of Sustamed, but the ability to control the effect of the drug on the body. With a sharp increase in the concentration of estradiol during the cycle, you need to start taking anastrozole.

Side effects of Sustanon SUSTANON – SP Laboratories

The manifestation of side effects when using SUSTANON is possible only in cases where antiestrogens were not used during the cycle. This is necessary to do, since the concentration of the male hormone directly affects the development of side effects. At the same time, their appearance is often associated with a genetic predisposition. For this reason, it is best to start the cycle with minimal dosages. If the body has responded well to the introduction of SUSTANON, then the doses are increased to the required.

Our consultants will help you choose the right course and get out of it the right way. On our website you will find only original Sustanon SUSTANON and no fakes.


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