Testosterone enanthate (Testo E)


  • Brand: Zillt Medicine
  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Release form: Ampoules
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Brief description of anabolic testosterone enanthate (Testo E) Zillt Medicine

Testosterone enanthate (Testo E) is a long-acting steroid drug that (mostly) normalizes the normal production of testosterone in a professional bodybuilder or powerlifter. The drug is able to effectively achieve the desired results in a short period of time, while it is not excreted from the body quickly and is not used as often as its counterparts. This is caused by the production of the drug from the long-lasting ester compound testosterone enanthate.

Benefits of Testosterone Enanthate (Testo E) for Bodybuilding

For a steroid at a dose of 250 mg to be effective, it is enough to use it only once a week. This speaks of its long-term effect. The dosage of 1 time per week in this one is suitable to achieve the desired result when used in a cycle with methane, trenbolone and nandrolone. When an athlete injects testosterone enanthate (Testo E), a dose of 300-500 mg is administered no more than twice a week. The course of the steroid usually lasts 9 weeks, followed by a course of PCT in 2-3 weeks.

Testosterone enanthate smoothly penetrates into DNA and evenly affects the body, which ensures a prolonged effect of the drug. Despite the high androgenic and anabolic activity (100%), enanatate is not toxic to the liver.

It has a positive effect on the body, increases its strength and endurance and helps German weightlifters and bodybuilders, especially when pumping.The duration of action of Enandrol is two weeks, but the time during which the drug is completely eliminated from the body is about 3 months. Enanthate allows the body to accumulate excess fluid. After taking this medication, there may be a rebound phase in which the athlete loses some muscle mass. To avoid such an effect after the course, it is recommended that the trainer or the attending physician take other medications. Both to clarify the preparations, and to determine the dosage and regimen, you should only contact a doctor or trainer who will select the necessary course with maximum efficiency for each athlete's physiological and physical health.

The course and dosage of enanthate

Qualified sports doctors have established that the maximum dosage of testosterone enanthate (Testo E) Zilt Medicine is 1-1.5 g per week. An even larger increase in dosage is ineffective. To avoid estrogenic side effects, you need to take a course of Proviron or aromatase inhibitors. To achieve a high-quality relief during drying, the course is supplemented with Anavar or Vistrol (depending on the physical fitness of the athlete).


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