Trenbolone enanthate (TREN 200)


  • Brand: Allchemasia
  • Country of manufacture: India
  • Release form: bottle


Trenbolone Enanthate (TREN 200) is the most powerful drug for real bodybuilders Contents Expand

  • Main properties of Trenbolone Enanthate
  • Dosage and application
  • List of possible side effects
  • History pages of Trembolone Enanthate
  • findings

Any athlete who achieves their sports goals or records very quickly has probably taken steroids. Such drugs help to effectively prepare for competitions, build the body of your dreams, become more enduring, stronger, but in a limited time frame, when you don’t want to wait for results for years. Trenbolone Enanthate is just such a drug with anabolic effects, minimal side effects. The Hulk Shop online store provides only original and high-quality anabolics from well-known companies, the prices are pleasantly pleasing. All of them are carefully tested, have certificates, and are considered 100% original.

Main properties of Trenbolone Enanthate

Scientists and experts from all over the world have confirmed that pharmaceuticals and steroids produced by well-known companies are the most effective and safest. If you stick to the dosage, take them wisely, then in the end you can see impressive changes for the better. So a full Trenbolone Enanthate cycle is solid benefits:

  • a person regains strength, energy,
  • he will be more resilient
  • quickly increase muscle mass,
  • lower cortisol levels
  • stimulates the accelerated production of growth hormone,
  • remove excess fat
  • increase sexual activity.

Who is the drug ideal for? It should be used by those athletes who need to quickly build muscle, make the whole body embossed and toned. The main plus of Trenbolone Enanthate is that the drug does not affect the state of the liver at all, it is non-toxic. Usually a 4-8 week course is enough to see positive dynamics from TREN 200.

Dosage and application

If you want to become a successful bodybuilder quickly and without harm to your health, then you should definitely buy Trenbolone Enanthate, but it is better for girls and novice athletes to choose other drugs that are not so powerful. The optimal dosage can be considered 0.3 grams per week. Try to never increase the dose so that nothing affects your health.

If you are just starting to take anabolic, then start with a minimum amount, study the list of side effects. The average course lasts 5 weeks. If you plan to extend it, then it is advisable to add gonadotropin as well.

Usually, a course of taking one drug is enough if you need to build muscle.

Trenbolone will help increase physical parameters, gain mass in a relatively short period of time, which is why it has become so popular. The drug also does not aromatize.

Trenbolone Enanthate is distinguished by the longest ether chain, it is retained in the body for more than 2 weeks, maintains an even background, high concentration in the blood. It only takes a few injections of TREN 200 per week to get the desired result. Calculate with the doctor, trainer the optimal dosage of tren enanthate, so that later you do not suffer from side effects.

List of possible side effects

  • This steroid should not be used by a person who suffers from diseases of the liver, heart, kidneys, has any form of diabetes.
  • The drug provokes an increased load on the kidneys, reduces the production of certain male hormones, and at the time of taking it can dull sexual desire.
  • It increases pressure, provokes the appearance of acne on the face.
  • Feelings of anxiety, panic.
  • Insomnia.
  • Hair loss, they quickly become oily.
  • Aggression and irritability.
  • Try to increase the dosage gradually, watch how you feel. If it worsens, then pick up other, more gentle drugs.

    History pages of Trembolone Enanthate

    This is the name of a strong anabolic with pronounced androgenic characteristics, which is actively taken by bodybuilders in order to increase strength and build muscle.

    10 days is the period of exposure to the body, when the drug will be as active as possible. With the help of minimal dosages, you can get amazing results. TREN 200 goes on sale as a solution for injection, which is placed in ampoules, vials.

    It was first produced as a steroid in the veterinary field. The drug was used to treat dystrophy, exhaustion in animals, and increase their weight. So in the end it turned out to create an anabolic with a long-term effect, the positive properties of which were highly appreciated by athletes.


    If it is extremely important for you to build muscle, take part in the upcoming sports competition, then this drug is ideal. It is very powerful, so it is worth considering all the side effects with contraindications. This steroid is categorically not suitable for female athletes, as well as for beginners. With proper dosage, you will quickly see the desired result. On the site of the online store of sports pharmacology Hulkshop, you can always buy online the most effective, inexpensive and high-quality steroids.


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