Trenbolone Mix (Tri-Trenaver)


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Trenbolone mix combination of 3 forms in one product

Trenbolone mix is ​​a potent steroid that exists among the pharmacological drugs on the market. It consists of 3 ester forms, namely acetate, enanthate and hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. If you take any of them separately, then it is possible to note that they are very powerful substances. Their androgenic and anabolic activity is quite strong. Initially, trenbolone was used only in medical applications and in the treatment of animals, but very quickly it embraced heavy sports. Today, strongmen, bodybuilders and bodybuilders prefer to buy a trenbolone mix for themselves, whose main goal is to quickly gain a significant amount of mass.

History of the drug

The composition of the steroid contains 3 esterified derivatives of trenbolone, which are counted in equal units. Tritren itself as an anabolic steroid is not new to the market, it has been used in sports disciplines for many years. It was developed back in the 1960s for the purpose of taking it in veterinary medicine to improve the weight of livestock and animals. As a result, the positive features of the drug were appreciated by bodybuilders and representatives of power disciplines. Thus, it has become the most needed of the existing anabolics.

Features of Trenbolone Mix

In the circle of athletes, the drug is called Tritren. It was originally invented by British Dragon around the 2000s. However, there is one distinguishing feature: a successful combination gives a chance to maintain normal hormonal levels.This is due to the fact that each substance has a different half-life. And, for example, if the acetate expires after 2 days, then immediately after it, enanthate is activated, followed by hexahydrobenzyl carbonate, which are active for two weeks.

Trenbolone mix buy is selected by all experienced bodybuilders for its main quality, the maximum set of muscles, which is unrealistic to achieve when using other anabolics. In addition, the product increases endurance and strength indicators of athletes, retains nitrogen in the body, which often protects muscle fibers from destruction, and suppresses the secretion of cortisol. Another important advantage of the drug is its inability to aromatize, thus, strongmen are not threatened with swelling of the mammary glands.

Benefits of Trenbolone Mix (Tri-Trenaver) and intake pattern

With the help of a mix of trenbolone esters, it is possible to achieve the following results:

  • Dry weight growth of approximately 10-15 kg per course,
  • A rapid increase in endurance and strength indicators, which is facilitated by a strong androgenic effect.
  • Fat burning. Will give results with the right diet. Can be achieved by improving the synthesis of fifr,
  • Suppression of cortisol levels,
  • The absence of a rollback phenomenon,
  • Obtaining relief and firm muscles thanks to the removal of excess water,
  • Increased sexual desire only during the period of drug consumption.

Tritren buy most often want to use the solo cycle. Such a cycle has a duration of no more than 6 weeks, with the parallel use of gonadotropin for 2 months. Trenbolone-mix (Tri-Trenaver) in injections is done 2 times a week at a dose of 400 mg. Gonadotropin at a dose of 500 units.It should be used only once a week, starting from the second week of the course and until its very end.

After stopping the course of trenbolone mix after 2 weeks, it is also worthwhile to carry out pct, taking Clomid for this at a dose of 100 mg for the first 5 days, and 50 mg for the next 10 days.

If you want to avoid the occurrence of negative effects, you will have to strictly follow all the patterns of use, because trenbolone mix is ​​​​a kind of heavy artillery.

There is an opportunity to choose a trenbolone mix for a joint course. In most cases, Masteron or Stanozolol acts as a concomitant during the drying period and to increase strength indicators, and a male hormone for the growth of effective muscles.

Side effects

Bad reactions from using a mixture of esters are observed in the same way as from each of them separately. Most often occur:

  • Insomnia,
  • allergic rash, acne,
  • blood pressure improvements,
  • Hair loss,
  • High greasiness of the skin.

Fortunately, estrogen and progesterone side effects are not observed when using the mix.

Since there is a suppression of the production of endogenous sex hormone at the end of the course, a low erection and a decrease in sexual desire may disturb. Too long use of the drug or refusal of PCT can be a prerequisite for testicular atrophy.

There is also a slight effect on the kidneys and liver.

Where to buy trenbolone mix cheap?

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