Turinabol (Turinadex)


  • Brand: Sciroxx
  • Country of manufacture: Israel
  • Release form: Tablets
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Steroid Turinabol (Turinadex)

Turinabol belongs to anabolic steroids and has long been used in sports. This drug is suitable for use by men, women are not recommended to use it even in small dosages.

How Turinabol works

Effects when taking Turinabol:

  • a set of high-quality dry mass with a minimum of fat and water,
  • increases strength,
  • increases endurance and reduces the recovery period between workouts.

The drug is considered quite powerful compared to similar steroids and highly effective. The androgenic activity of Turinabol is reduced compared to analogues, which is an indisputable plus.
It was developed in Germany in the fifties of the last century. Athletes involved in various sports very quickly appreciated all the attractiveness of Turinabol, and he firmly entered the sports pharmacology. The drug is able to bring the athlete to the maximum shape in a short period of time, while the rollback after the end of the course will be very small. Bodybuilders use Turinabol in courses for weight gain and strength everywhere, in combination with other AAS, it shows itself as the most effective and useful drug.

Side effects where to buy

Turinabol, although quite toxic to the liver, will not cause harm if you do not exceed the recommended dosages and do not do long courses for more than eight weeks. After taking it, it is imperative to carry out PCT, since the production of one's own testosterone is sharply reduced.

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