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Turinabol Turinox buy to build muscle

  • History data
  • Effects and efficacy of Turinoxa
  • How to take and dosage Turinoxa
  • Course use of Turinox
  • Side effects
  • Why is it worth buying Turinabol in our online store?

Turinabol Turinox is the most powerful steroid, the main active ingredient is 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone-AS, which is produced by different pharmaceutical companies under different trade names. It is one of the most sold substances in the world, which is used in anabolic cycles to increase muscle mass. The anabolic steroid store Hulk Shop offers great deals to buy Turinabol at a bargain price.

History data

It was first created in 1965 by a German academic, in particular by Jenapharm GmbH & Co., which was looking for a drug specifically for the needs of members of the Olympic team participating in the discipline of weightlifting. For several years now, this anabolic has not lost its importance and is famous among weightlifters and bodybuilders, as well as other representatives of sports disciplines. Almost thanks to this drug, German athletes achieved top performance during competitions. Anyone who goes to the gym is obliged to buy Turinabol, because, in comparison with other steroids of similar composition, it does not aromatize into estrogen at all, in other words, it does not lead to side effects such as male gynecomastia and fluid retention in the body.This anabolic does not have high androgenic qualities, so even the female sex can use it, without fear of the virilization effect, when using the correct doses.

Effects and efficacy of Turinoxa

Due to its low androgenic activity – 50% of the test, as well as a pronounced anabolic effect – 180%, Turinox is used in relief courses. In addition, he showed his effectiveness at the time of drying and creating cool, relief muscles. Turinabol alone or in combination with other drugs equally shows a good effect, which attracts strong men and bodybuilders. The drug has a fairly long effect after it enters the body of a crossfitter. The active substance can rebuild dry, well-defined and stiff muscles, perfectly multiplies the strength parameters of the CrossFit. The most important advantage of Turinabol is its fast disintegration period.

There are many reasons to buy Turinabol:

  • no water retention. What gives, mass gain is just muscles,
  • no need for PCT (since the anabolic does not aromatize),
  • strength increase,
  • increased endurance, which is useful in aerobic sports,
  • increases the level of free testosterone in the blood.
  • How to take and dosage Turinoxa

    Turinabol Ukraine for personal use can be bought by both beginners and professionals, because Turinox is one of the safest and easiest.

    The course lasts 7 weeks, and the optimal dosage for beginners is 40 mg per day and is divided into two equal doses. The pyramidal mode of application is not recommended. For experienced bodybuilders, the dose is 40-70mg each day. Such a dose will make it possible to achieve a rapid increase in mass and strength.

    For females, the daily dosage should not exceed 5-10 mg.

    Course use of Turinox

    Turinabol buy Kyiv can also be used in conjunction with other equally effective steroids.

    For weight gain, as a rule, they use the Propionate or Sustanon + Turinabol test. However, do not forget that Turinox in large dosages, and even in conjunction with similar anabolics, can have a detrimental toxic effect on the liver.

    The cycle for creating a relief consists of Turinox in conjunction with Primobolan or Boldenone. Thanks to this mix, you can build the perfect figure with a traced relief, to which every bodybuilder goes. The price of Turinabol is affordable, which is why it is possible to go through a six-week cycle to get the perfect effect.

    At the end of any of all courses, it is strongly recommended to carry out therapy with drugs that stimulate the production of endogenous testicles.

    Side effects

    Adverse reactions can be observed with the use of any steroid without exception. Before you buy Turinabol in Ukraine, there is a need to familiarize yourself with possible negative reactions when using a steroid drug.

    Most often observed:

    • oily skin,
    • The development of cardiovascular disease
    • testicular atrophy,
    • May also cause hormonal imbalance,
    • liver toxicity,
    • Deepening the voice (when used by women).

    Many of the listed side effects are intermittent and quickly disappear after the dose is reduced or the course is completed with post-course therapy.

    Why is it worth buying Turinabol in our online store?

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