• Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Country of manufacture: Moldova
  • Release form: Tablets
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Information for those wishing to buy Anadrol

Buy Anapolon from Balkan Pharmaceuticals, the active ingredient of which is oxymetholone, released in 1960 by Syntex Pharmaceuticals. The drug is one of the strongest oral steroids. Thanks to its composition, athletes manage to achieve the desired strength indicators in a short time, as well as to achieve an increase in muscle mass. Taking Anapolon a solo course, an athlete can gain about 7 kilograms in a couple of three weeks. This suggests that the drug accumulates fluid in the tissues, which gives the muscles accelerated growth. You begin to grow before our eyes. Thanks to this effect, everyone who wants to quickly build muscle mass can buy Anadrol in Ukraine and take it solo.

What is the price for Anadrol 50?

In this section, we offer Anapolon from Balkan Pharmaceuticals, its price is 1349 UAH. But you can buy Anapolon 50 from another manufacturer whose price is lower than that of Balkan. You can order Anadrol without prepayment in our Hulkshop store by placing an order with cash on delivery. Do not forget that you can buy Anadrol Kyiv blister. In case you did not have enough 10-20 tablets before the end of the course, or there is a need to take more or less of the package.

Effects of taking

  • a good increase in muscle mass in the shortest possible time
  • several times improvement in physical strength indicators
  • normalizes the production of synovial fluid
  • increase endurance
  • water retention in the body

Brief instructions for use and combination

The duration of the course is from 6 to 8 weeks.If you are new to this then you should not take Anapolon for more than 6 weeks. The daily dose for a person who uses Anapolon for the first time should not exceed 50 mg per day, that is, 1 tablet. For more advanced athletes and professional athletes, this drug can be taken for 8 weeks and increased to 100 mg 2 tablets. Advanced chemists use 150 mg per day, but we do not advise you to do this. For such experiments, it is better to consult an andrologist and pass a series of tests. You can find detailed information on the combination and how much Anadrol Ukraine costs on a course with other steroid drugs in our section on steroid courses.

Reviews about Anadrol

Among athletes, the opinion of the steroid as one of the dangerous AAS has taken root. Negative manifestations from Anapolon often occur, but in cases where the dosage recommended in the instructions has been exceeded. The strongest water pressure when using Anadrol solo can lead to an increase in pressure in the bloodstream. This in extreme cases entails the need to take antihypertensive drugs. Problems with blood pressure are the reason why many athletes refuse this steroid. The situation with pressure can be aggravated by the combined use of Anapolona and testosterone.

Sports pharmacology in our online store is sold both for 100% prepayment and cash on delivery. Our managers are always ready to advise you at any time and for free. Consultation can be obtained by contacting us through the contact section. Do not forget that Anapolon 50 is available at a discount on the promotion page.


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