Anastrozole (Anastroz)


  • Brand: BioLINE
  • Country of manufacture: Bulgaria
  • Release form: Tablets
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The drug Anastrozole (Anastroz)

Anastrozole was originally used to treat breast cancer in women, but is not currently used as such. But athletes found it extremely useful for themselves.

The use of Anastrozole, effectiveness

In sports, the drug is used as an aromatase inhibitor, prevents gynecomastia and other unpleasant aromatization effects. Its effectiveness is extremely high. A milligram of Anastrozole is able to reduce estradiol by 80%.

While using Anastrozole:

  • quickly and easily lowers estradiol by 80%,
  • is an aromatase inhibitor
  • raises the amount of estrogen in the blood and maintains it at an optimal level.

The effect of taking Anastrozole is observed extremely quickly, since the maximum concentration in the blood is reached within two hours from the moment of administration. The drug suppresses aromatization after the first application; none of the analogues can be compared with it in terms of speed of action. Anastrozole remains the aromatase inhibitor of choice among athletes.

How to take Anastrozole

Anastrozole will be used based on the results of the tests that each athlete should do during the course of steroids. With an increase in estradiol, or with the manifestation of signs of gynecomastia, Anastrozole should be taken immediately. Some athletes take it preventively, before the start of the course, some after it ends. Everything here, in general, is individual, therefore only analyzes will give you a complete picture.

The dosage of Anastrozole is from 0.25 milligrams to 1 milligram per day.

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