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  • The effectiveness of the use of Anastrozole (Swiss)
  • Anastrozole buy in Ukraine is not expensive
  • Use and dose
  • Anastrozole intake table on the course
  • Side effects of Anastrozole
  • Why should you buy a drug from us?

Anastrozole (Swiss) is an effective drug that is part of a class of aromatase inhibitors or blockers. It is used to lower the level of female hormones estrogen in the blood, as well as to enhance the secretion of natural testosterone and gonadotropic hormone. The drug is also used for the treatment and prevention of gynecomastia in men who are fond of power sports and bodybuilding. It has proven itself as a substance to prevent negative symptoms when using steroid drugs. Anyone can buy Anastrozole in our online store of sports pharmacology Halkshop.

The effectiveness of the use of Anastrozole (Swiss)

Initially, the synthesis of the active substance was carried out in the 90s and appeared on the pharmacological market in 1995. For the first time, Anastrozole was used for medical purposes to combat breast cancer in women, which arose as a result of a hormonal disorder caused by high levels of estrogen in the body. Later, new drugs with stronger efficacy appeared for the treatment of malignant tumors, and Anastrozole found its wide use in sports.

Each crossfitter will be able to afford to buy Anastrozole (Swiss), the price of which is quite affordable, in order to complete a full course after using anabolic steroids. The consequence of the active substance is high, which means that the effectiveness will not be long in coming.

Anastrozole buy in Ukraine is not expensive

The main impacts include:

  • Reducing aromatization due to the transition of testosterone to estradiol.
  • An increase in testosterone secretion if there are no exogenous hormones in the body.
  • Due to the low level of estradiol, water does not linger in the body.
  • Makes available the use of anabolics, athletes prone to aromatase processes.

Use and dose

The use of Anastrozole is prescribed at the end of the steroid course to avoid side effects or at the beginning of the steroid cycle for preventive purposes. The dose is selected individually, based on the level of estradiol. The initial dosage should not exceed 0.25 mg per day or 0.5 mg every other day. Duration of admission should not exceed more than two weeks. This period of time should be enough for the manifestation of the maximum effect. To enhance the action of the active substance on the body and its absorption into the bloodstream, it is recommended to drink it on an empty stomach, drinking plenty of liquid. Anastrozole to buy Kyiv is most excellent for professional-level athletes who take a steroid course at maximum dosages. It is not advisable for beginners to use the drug.

Anastrozole intake table on the course

A week

Anastrozole mg/week















10 tablets

Side effects of Anastrozole

If the drug did not suit the athlete due to individual characteristics or due to exceeding the permissible doses, there may be such symptoms:

  • Allergic reactions in the form of skin rashes
  • Desire to sleep, apathy, apathy
  • Gastrointestinal disorders (nausea, diarrhea, vomiting)
  • Pain in the head
  • feeling hot
  • Hair breakage
  • Prostration

Also, the drug can lead to problems with the cardiovascular system, blocking the beneficial effects of estrogen. Athletes suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system need prior consultation with a professional. There are no bad reviews about the product as a whole, which means that the active substance helps to cope with the negative effects of using aas on the course itself with minimal side effects for the body. Thus, Anastrozole buy Ukraine is necessary for all professional athletes.

Why should you buy a drug from us?

You can buy Anastrozole as the most potent anti-estrogenic drug of instant effect in the Hulk Shop online store, where you will be pleased not only with a good price, but also with fast delivery to anywhere in Ukraine. Our consultants are always in touch and are happy to advise you at any moment.


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