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  • Country of manufacture: Israel
  • Release form: bottle
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Among all the growth hormones that are currently on the market, Genopharm is not a bad step among consumers. Many professional athletes, as well as beginners in the consumer graph, believe that Genopharm growth hormone buy Ukraine is not a bad contribution to the development of their muscle mass. In any case, the Genopharm hormone is cheaper than the original Jintropin and Ansomon. But the quality is not inferior to any of the listed growth hormones.


Genopharm growth hormone 100 units, the price of which in our HulkShop sports pharmacology store is lower than many of our competitors such as:

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  • biceps
  • steroidsshop-ua

Buy Genopharm from us in the online store of steroids, and adhering to the correct dosages, you can:

  • Increase the amount of glycogen in the liver
  • Significantly strengthen your ligaments and joints
  • Not much, but still increase libido
  • Lower bad cholesterol
  • Repeatedly increase the process of burning subcutaneous fat
  • Improve skin tone by regulating glycogen synthesis
  • Genopharm buy Ukraine

    Remember that Genopharm buy in Ukraine, Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa is not an over the counter drug. And it can not be injected in large quantities on an ongoing basis, in order to avoid health problems. But, without thinking about it, many professional athletes turn a blind eye to the advice of doctors, and in pursuit of a large, as well as rapid increase in muscle mass, they forget about all the rules and norms for taking Genopharm.

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