Growth hormone Genotropin (Genotropin) 36 ME


  • Brand: Pfizer
  • Country of manufacture: USA
  • Release form: Syringe pen


Genotropin (Genotropin)

Each person strives to become the owner of a beautiful, toned and pumped up body, but regular physical activity is not always enough to achieve your goals. Most athletes, in order to achieve a guaranteed result, take special drugs that help increase muscle mass and muscle definition. Among bodybuilders, Genotropin 36 ME is very popular, the price of which is affordable for most Ukrainian consumers. You can buy a drug based on growth hormone in the online store of sports pharmacology Hulk shop.

Features of the use of Genotropin in sports

The drug Genotropin is an injection for injections, which should be performed 1-2 times a day. The sports doctor will help determine the optimal dosage of the drug. Growth hormone is most in demand among athletes who, with the help of regular training, not only build muscle, but also develop strength and endurance. The drug is actively used by professional powerlifters, weightlifters and bodybuilders.

In order for the anabolic agent to give the desired result, it is important to consider the following recommendations regarding the use of Genotropin:

  • the dose for each athlete is calculated individually, taking into account the level of physical fitness and the nature of the training,
  • the course of taking the drug is 5-6 months, during which it is necessary to perform daily injections,
  • the athlete must strictly adhere to the regime of training and nutrition,
  • unacceptable is excessively high or low air temperature in the gym where athletes train.

The optimal dosage of the drug to achieve the desired result is determined for each athlete individually. The injection can be administered both intramuscularly and subcutaneously. Injections are recommended to be done in the evening.

Contraindications for use

Like any pharmacological agent, Genotropin has a number of contraindications, among which are the following:

  • intracranial hypertension,
  • the presence of malignant tumors and neoplasms in the body,
  • kidney disease,
  • period of pregnancy or lactation,
  • difficulty breathing and lack of oxygen,
  • hypersensitivity to any of the components included in the injection.

With extreme caution, the drug should also be used by diabetics, because in the case of injections, it is necessary to more closely monitor the level of sugar in the blood. The effect of growth hormone on general health can also change if it is used simultaneously with other hormonal drugs and complexes.


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