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  • Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Country of manufacture: Moldova
  • Release form: Tablets
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  • A little history about Halotest
  • Fluoxymesterone the main properties of the main component of Halotest
  • General characteristics of the drug
  • Instructions for use
  • findings

The most popular anabolic steroid, which has a pronounced androgenic and weak anabolic effect, is Halotest. What can this drug be used for? It increases endurance, increases muscle density, but the total body weight remains the same. It is a popular oral steroid among strength athletes for whom it is important to stay in their weight class, replenish their energy reserves before a responsible competition. Although Halotest Balkans is in great demand, it is impressive in its benefits, but all its properties have not been fully studied. It is toxic to the liver, so it is not suitable for everyone. The price of the original oral steroid in the online store of sports pharmacology Hulkshop will always be the lowest.

A little history about Halotest

The main active ingredient is fluoxymesterone. It is a derivative of natural testosterone. Scientists managed to synthesize it for the first time 63 years ago. The substance turned out to be more active than natural testosterone.

Halotest was originally used only in the medical field. The drug was used to treat delayed puberty. At that time and to this day, the steroid is sold in the form of tablets that are taken orally.

Halotest is the best way to build muscle mass, increase your motivation to achieve sports records.If we compare it with the popular Methyltestsosterone, we can note a higher efficiency.

Fluoxymesterone the main properties of the main component of Halotest

This steroid has many positive properties. This:

  • Increased stamina, increased strength.
  • Muscle tissue will be denser, muscles will begin to appear, the body will become toned and beautiful.
  • A big plus for fat burning.
  • Improved emotional state, mental stability.
  • The increase in muscle mass, if you combine the drug with other steroids.
  • Increase in muscle venousness.
  • Lack of smell.

Side effects include toxic effects on the liver. Try to stick to the dosage that the doctor or trainer will accurately determine. Complete the full course, following all the instructions. The drug is contraindicated in female athletes.

General characteristics of the drug

Halotest is the best steroid for real professionals. It increases aggressiveness and increases strength. Fluoxymesterone is the main active ingredient. Halotest will be 1000% stronger than testosterone.

If you need to increase strength characteristics, aggressiveness, increase the endurance of the whole organism, make the muscles denser, give the body relief, remove body fat in a limited time, then you will not find the best oral steroid.

Instructions for use

If we talk about the daily dosage, then it should be no more than 20 mg. Then you do not have to worry about the condition of the liver. This is the maximum amount that must not be exceeded. The course of admission can last a maximum of 42 days, but it is better to use it no longer than a month.

It is advisable to use Halotest during active sports, before competitions, in order to maintain strength, shape and energy. Read testimonials from real people who have taken the full course. They all agree that the drug gives an excellent effect if used with Nandrolone. Now you do not need a pharmacy, you do not have to look for a drug from dubious suppliers, because it can be purchased online on the Hulkshop website.

The drug is combined with AAS, as well as with Propik. It is better not to use nandrolones and trenbolones, because the risk of side effects is quite high. If we talk about amateur bodybuilding, then in this area Halotest is rarely used. This is the best option for an athlete who needs to quickly get back in line, prepare for the competition, but the amateur has nowhere to rush, he can gradually build muscle. Activity after taking the pill lasts about 10 hours, but the active substance of the drug remains in the body for 60 days.


If you urgently need to get back in shape, feel a surge of strength, restore energy and quickly build muscle mass, then Halotest will be the most effective drug in this case. It increases aggression, which is especially appreciated by representatives of martial arts. If you need to strengthen muscles, improve strength, then Halotest will be indispensable. So there is a chance to win in any sport, to feel adrenaline and fantastic energy. This medication forms a chic relief, dries the muscles, increasing their density. Order the drug on trusted Internet resources with delivery in Ukraine to quickly start the course of taking. Now any sporting achievements and records are not fiction, but a very close dream that has become a reality.


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