Levitra Vilitra 10 mg


  • Brand: Centurion Laboratories
  • Country of manufacture: India
  • Release form: Tablets
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  • The benefits of the drug
  • Application and dosage
  • Contraindications
  • Where to buy Vilitra 10 mg?

Levitra Vilitra is a highly effective drug that is prescribed only if there are appropriate indications, for example, lack of erection. The use of a drug with a stimulating effect does not in any way affect training, participation in sports competitions, or a decrease in body endurance. If the athlete adheres to the rules of admission and the prescribed dosage, then Levitra has a positive effect. That is why we recommend buying Levitra Vilitra to combat erectile dysfunction on our website.

The benefits of the drug

In addition to its direct effect – increased potency, the drug has a number of positive aspects. The main active ingredient Vardenafil improves erection and eliminates the problem of premature ejaculation.

When using the remedy in men, the following are noted:

  • improved blood supply and blood oxygen saturation,
  • acceleration of metabolism,
  • increased endurance, the ability to perform power loads without overvoltage,
  • elimination of congestion and circulatory disorders,
  • reduced fatigue, readiness for any kind of activity,
  • increased libido,
  • elimination of sexual problems.

The tonic, which is widely used to stabilize male sexual abilities, is safe and harmless, so it can be taken by representatives of various sports, including bodybuilders. The use of limited doses of the drug does not cause exacerbations of the cardiovascular and digestive systems, does not affect the urinary excretory and reproductive functions, does not have a hepatotoxic effect and addiction.

Application and dosage

Bodybuilders and athletes who have great physical and emotional stress are advised to use the tonic in moderation. It is allowed to use the maximum allowable dose of 20 mg per day only after a comprehensive examination and consultation with a doctor.

For persons professionally involved in bodybuilding, it is recommended to take no more than 5-10 mg of vardenafil per day. After the active substance enters the body of a man, the action of the sexual stimulant begins within 30-60 minutes. The duration of the effect is 12 hours. The combined use of a pharmacological agent with alcoholic products reduces the drug effect.


Those athletes who suffer from various diseases should refuse to take vardenafil:

  • retinitis and other visual impairments,
  • gastrointestinal diseases,
  • cardiovascular pathologies,
  • arterial hypotension and hypertension,
  • suffered a heart attack or stroke within six months,
  • prialism,
  • diseases of the circulatory system,
  • congenital deformities of the penis, curvature of acquired genesis,
  • peyronie's disease,
  • individual intolerance to the components,
  • age up to 18 years.

The use of the drug is also prohibited for persons taking CYP3A4 inhibitors, nitrate-containing substances and HIV protease inhibitors.

Where to buy Vilitra 10 mg?

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