Masteron 100 (Malay Tiger)


  • Brand: Malay Tiger
  • Country of manufacture: Malaysia
  • Release form: Ampoules
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Masteron buy for an efficient drying cycle

Masteron is one of the most effective means, which is popular among bodybuilders and representatives of other power sports. It is characterized by enhanced androgenic activity and a low anabolic effect. Bodybuilders who are engaged in bodybuilding, triathlon, powerlifting, try to buy masteron during the drying period in order to add explosive strength and at the same time not go beyond their own weight group.

The history of the appearance of anabolic

The main creator of Masteron, as a remedy used to treat various diseases, is the pharmaceutical company Syntex Pharmaceuticals. They created the product for the first time in 1959, but gained its distribution in the pharmaceutical market only in the 70s. The tool gave good results in curing breast cancer in females. However, the increased degree of virilization prompted the drug to be discontinued. Nevertheless, many consumers choose to buy Masteron, among which there are beginners and experienced athletes who appreciate its highly effective effect during muscle drying.

Distinguishing properties

Anabolic does not have the ability to transform into estrogen, but on the contrary, it is considered an aromatase blocker, which is very necessary for the stronger sex. But for ladies, his reception is contraindicated because of the tendency to virilization. Masteron Kyiv can be bought in the form of injections, in the form of two esters of propionate and enanthate. In addition to these properties, an anabolic steroid in combination with a correct diet will help to significantly reduce the concentration of body fat.

Admission efficiency

The result from the use of Masteron is observed in the following positive manifestations:

  • It is a powerful fat burner, which helps to suddenly reduce the level of body fat.
  • Gives a weak weight gain. This means a lot if there is no desire to gain excess weight, but there is a task to increase strength and endurance indicators on the drying cycle.
  • Blocks the secretion of aromatase. This quality is very important for males, since the body, therefore, will not produce an excessive amount of estrogen.
  • Venousness and density of muscles. It is achieved due to a moderate diuretic effect on the body.

Rules for the consumption of Masteron

According to the standard scheme of taking an anabolic steroid, you can drink no more than 10 weeks. If it is used as a fat burner, you can invest in 6 weeks. For 7 days you can take no more than 400-600 mg. Masteron enters the body to a greater extent under the skin. For beginners, it is better to use a different scheme: 50 mg of anabolic on an independent cycle every other day for 6 weeks.

To increase strength, you can buy Masteron Ukraine for combined use with a male hormone or turinabol for a period of use of 8 weeks at a dose of not more than 400 mg.

If strongmen prefer a drug for drying, it is best to combine it with oxandrolone lasting 2 months at a dose of 400 mg.

Adverse symptoms after taking Masteron 100 (Malay Tiger)

If you are determined to give preference to Masteron 100 (Malay Tiger), then it is important to be aware of the potential for negative reactions. Among them, the most common are:

  • Androgenic effect partial hair loss, feeling of irritation, nervousness, acne, virilization in women.
  • Jumps in blood pressure, which are observed with elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Suppression of the secretion of endogenous testosterone, which is due to the intake of the hormone into the body, which is part of the anabolic.
  • To prevent bad consequences, it is necessary to strictly observe the prescribed doses and not exceed the duration of the cycle.

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