Trenbolone Acetate (PRIME)


  • Brand: Prime Labs
  • Country of manufacture: Poland
  • Release form: bottle


Trenbolone acetate (Trenbolone Acetate PRIME)

Trenbolone is used to build muscle mass. It is an extremely powerful steroid. It was originally used in veterinary medicine, but athletes have found it useful in sports.

The use of Trenbolone acetate, features, effectiveness

Trenbolone comes in several forms, the most popular of which is acetate. Its validity period is minimal, it is deposited in the fat depot. From there, the active substance already enters the bloodstream, breaking down over time. You need to enter Trenbolone quite often at fifty or one hundred milligrams once every other day. This does not seem convenient to everyone, but the effectiveness of the drug completely removes this minus.

This AAS is one of the most effective drugs among all anabolics, the growth of muscle mass is as efficient and fast as possible. At the same time, it improves strength indicators. But, it is worth strictly observing the dosage, since side effects will not keep you waiting when it is exceeded. The efficiency will not change, the growth of muscle mass with a large dose of Drostanolone does not increase.

The great popularity of the drug is due to the lack of aromatization. It also does not retain fluid in the body.

When taking Trenbolone Acetate observed:

  • muscle mass gain,
  • lipolysis (fat burning effect),
  • growth hormone production
  • increased libido,
  • an increase in the amount of insulin-like growth factor,
  • strength growth.

How to take Trenbolone Acetate

Trenbolone acetate is administered once every other day at a dosage not exceeding one hundred milligrams.After the course, it is necessary to undergo post-course therapy to even out your own hormonal levels. If side effects occur, the dosage of the drug should be reduced.

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