Oxandrolone (Oxanodex)


  • Brand: Sciroxx
  • Country of manufacture: Israel
  • Release form: Tablets
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Oxandrolone (Oxanodex)

Oxandrolone was born in the last century, in the mid-60s and belongs to artificial steroids. Initially, the drug was used in burn therapy for faster recovery of the skin. But, pretty quickly, athletes saw the benefits for themselves. Since then, Oxandrolone has become a hugely popular AAS.

Oxandrolone and sports

The drug has a powerful anabolic effect of four hundred percent of testosterone and a weak androgenic effect of only twenty-five percent of testosterone. Its big plus is that Oxandrolone does not cause aromatization, its low-toxic effect on the liver is negligible. Differs in long action about twelve hours. Also, this drug can be used with caution in women, if you do not exceed the minimum dosage, then there will be no problems and side effects.

When taking Oxandrolone:

  • muscle relief is significantly improved,
  • subcutaneous fat leaves, which makes Oxandrolone popular in drying courses,
  • strength indicators increase, which is especially important for all athletes involved in sports related to endurance and strength component,
  • activates the production of its own growth hormone.

How to take, where to buy Oxandrolone

The dosages of the drug vary depending on how much weight the athlete has, how long the course is and other nuances, but the upper threshold for the daily dosage is 40 milligrams. For women, should not exceed 10 milligrams in a single daily dosage. Most often, Oxandrolone is not used solo, but will be included in combined courses for strength or drying.

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