Parabolan (Treno H)


  • Brand: Zillt Medicine
  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Release form: Ampoules
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Buy Parabolan (Treno H) Zillt Medicine – an excellent steroid for muscle growth

One of the most powerful and unflavored drugs is the trenbolone-based steroid developed by the pharmaceutical company Zillt Medicine. Like a number of other similar drugs, Parabolan originated in exercise veterinary medicine, where it was also developed to build muscle in animals.

Parabolan is a derivative of trenbolone, an ester with high anabolic properties. With the introduction of the agent, aromatization does not occur, but it is undesirable to exceed the dosage.

What gives the athlete a course of Parabolan

  • athletes notice a very high increase in dry matter: with the course of Parabolan, you can even independently increase your weight by 8-10 kg,
  • the effect of burning excess fat due to its conversion into energy,
  • significantly increases the strength required for extreme weights,
  • increased production of insulin-like growth hormone
  • the level of libido increases – in order to avoid a decrease in desire at the end of the intake, it is recommended to buy Parabolan in combination with gonadotropin,
  • a significant increase in strength and mass when combined with other steroids.

Parabolan is very popular due to the lack of aromatization. This makes it possible to get rid of such negative manifestations as gynecomastia or excess water in the body. Parabolan has a pronounced anabolic and progesterone activity and can significantly reduce testosterone production. Therefore, doctors recommend supplementing it with a weekly intake of gonadotropins during the course or during PCT. The positive point is that after the course, antiestrogens are not required.

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The effect of deprivation of metabolites is not related to the potential hepatotoxicity of the drug.

Standard dosages of Parabolan (Treno H) Zillt Medicine

In the first week of the course, you start with 100 mg (sometimes even less) per week and work up to 300 mg, depending on the established regimen. You can divide the injection into two or three equal parts and inject every three days. Sports doctors say that taking only trenbolone derivatives without gonadotropin support should be minimal – 6 weeks. This is an important condition so that there are no problems with the secretion of testosterone after the end of the injections. Estrogenic effects from taking Parabolan are practically absent. The liver does not suffer either.

Reviews of bodybuilders and scientists about Parabolan

Parabolan, which dates back to the 1980s, has been used as a weight gain stimulant and treatment for pets. The innovative formula of the drug used in German bodybuilding shows significant differences in the purity of the starting substances and the accuracy of their proportions. The original product has received thousands of positive reviews from bodybuilders who have increased the effectiveness of strength training without side effects and poor health.

The quality and effectiveness of Parabolan were proven long before it was recognized by athletes. The German Sports Institute in Cologne conducted a study in 1996 that showed that there were no harmful effects of stronger foods and higher rates of muscle tissue growth.


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