Peptides AOD9604-C


  • Brand: Canada Peptides
  • Country of manufacture: Canada
  • Release form: bottle
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Peptides AOD9604-C

AOD9604-C is an excellent fat burner, considered more effective than HGH Frag. It is used by athletes during the drying period, to obtain a more pronounced muscle relief with the removal of excess fat.

Properties and features of the peptide

The drug is obtained by adding tyrosine (amino acids) to a fragment of growth hormone. Due to this, the peptide is able to:

  • very quickly and most effectively remove not only subcutaneous, but also visceral fat,
  • is not a carcinogen does not provoke the growth and development of cancer cells,
  • has an excellent rejuvenating effect,
  • does not interfere with the process of synthesizing and exchanging insulin with glucose,
  • normalizes the lipid profile.

The substance acts in a similar way to the peptide fragment 176-191: it accelerates the process of fat oxidation, significantly inhibits their accumulation. At the moment, the peptide is the best of all fat burners. A big plus is that, among other things, fat deposits around the internal organs are removed.

There are practically no side effects, unlike growth hormone, the peptide does not give a tunnel syndrome, does not retain water and does not increase pressure.

How to use, where to store

The peptide is produced in powder form, it requires dilution with water for injection or with normal saline. When diluting, it is necessary to inject water along the wall of the vial, and not directly into the solution, otherwise you can easily break the peptide chains with direct pressure from the syringe. The powder should dissolve on its own, you can not shake the bottle. The injection is placed in the fold of the abdomen.
The diluted composition should be stored in the refrigerator, without freezing, at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.

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