Peptides (GHRP-6)


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  • Country of manufacture: USA
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Peptide (GHRP-6)

Peptides (GHRP-6) are boosters (stimulators) of growth hormone production. The drug was developed to treat GH deficiency, quickly gained popularity among many athletes, especially those involved in bodybuilding and other strength sports.

What is GHRP-6

The peptide is about one and a half times more powerful than its counterpart GHRP-2. Reception causes an increase in prolactin and cortisol, which you need to know about. Studies have proven: the drug has effects such as:

  • increase in muscle growth,
  • clear drawing of the relief,
  • strengthening of the bone apparatus,
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect, healing even chronic injuries,
  • breaks down subcutaneous fat
  • enhances the appetite
  • does not hit the liver.

Compared to GHRP-2, GHRP-6 has a greater effect on appetite, so a diet must be followed. This happens due to the activation of the hormone ghrelin, plus there is an increased production of cortisol, which causes a feeling of hunger. In some athletes, the appetite returns to normal after the second week of taking the drug.

Most often, it is administered intramuscularly – simply and conveniently, but there are options for subcutaneous injections, transubuccal administration (put a pill between the gum and lip), under the tongue, just swallow. But, the best effect will be from intramuscular injections.

Use in bodybuilding

Bodybuilders are very happy to use peptides in their pharmaceutical practice. All the effects of the drug benefit the athlete: they make the body dry, hard, gain high-quality muscle volume. The usual dosage is 1 microgram per kilogram of body weight. Enter three times a day: before meals, 15-20 minutes before bedtime.

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