Peptides GHRP 2


  • Brand: Canada Peptides
  • Country of manufacture: Canada
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Peptides GHRP-2

The GHRP-2 peptide is the most powerful booster to stimulate the production of your own somatotropin. Its task is to stimulate the pituitary gland, leading to an increased production of growth hormone by 7-15 times compared to the initial figures.

What is the GHRP-2 peptide, why do athletes need it

The drug was obtained in the last century almost immediately proved to be highly effective in clinical trials. A little later, fans of power sports noticed him: since then, he has been actively used in bodybuilding.

Application effect:

  • active growth stimulator of somatotropin,
  • increases appetite due to the inclusion of ghrelin receptors in the work,
  • acts as a fat burner
  • activates the growth of muscle mass,
  • strengthens the skeletal system
  • does not affect the liver negatively,
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect.

This drug is a powerful growth hormone stimulator and the safest of its analogues, which is confirmed by a number of independent studies.

How to take, safe dosages

When conducting research, it turned out that the peptide has a so-called dose-dependent effect: an increase in the level of growth hormone directly depends on the amount of the drug taken. At the same time, gender, age, and completeness level do not affect the indicator.

To obtain a qualitative result, it is recommended to take GHRP-2 at a dose of up to 2mcg per kilogram of body weight up to three times a day. This works out to approximately 100-200 micrograms intramuscularly per injection. Injections should be done half an hour before meals, after classes in the gym, the last one before bedtime. Thus, there will be no development of side effects, which is possible with an overdose of the drug.

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