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iPamorelin is very similar to GHRP-6 in terms of its ability to cause the body to release more ghrelin. Ghrelin is a hormone that is released when your body detects an empty stomach and that stimulates the body to eat more. This makes it a very powerful growth tool. Ipamorelin stimulates a very precise part of growth hormone. However, GHRP-6 is different in that there is no real measurable effect from the increased hunger commonly found in GHRP-2.

When you take iPamorelin, you don't experience a significant immediate increase in growth hormone, but you get a sustained, stable, and sustained release over an extended period of time. This means that it may be cheaper for fat loss within a week and not suitable for muscle growth.

iPamorelin effect

The effects of Ipamorelin are relatively basic. This is an increase in the natural production of growth hormone. It is the growth of this growth hormone in your body that gives many positive results for an athlete or even an ordinary person. An increased level of growth hormone can be expected to lead to an improved metabolism, allowing a person to burn or retain fat while absorbing an increase in calories. Most importantly, improved growth hormone levels mean much faster recovery, which is critical for most athletes, especially those involved in the martial arts.

Most athletes who take iPamorelin will find that they sleep much better and faster. Most users also anecdotally report feeling better about their mood and emotional stability. This is most likely directly related to the fact that they get more sleep, and like anything that can improve our levels of growth hormone, it can also have an anti-aging effect. Growth hormone is so powerful that starting from your:

  • muscles
  • bones
  • nervous system
  • skin
  • up to your hair

You will experience improvements and changes. Growth hormone is often referred to as the source of the youth hormone. Once you understand the implications, you will understand why. Until we reach our 30s, our natural growth hormone levels tend to drop rapidly and decline with age. With elevated levels, we cannot stop aging permanently, but we can at least slow down its effect to our advantage.

Side effects of Ipamorelin

Like most drugs on the market, there are always side effects, but thanks to iPamorelin, the effects are very limited.

As far as estrogenic side effects go, you don't have to worry about gyno or anything like that. It does not affect these parts of the body. There may be slight water retention and swelling of the ankles and legs, but this usually occurs only at initial doses of this compound.

There are no androgenic effects from Ipamorelin, so it is safe for women and men. You don't have to expect their emotions to change, as is the case with most androgens.

There are no cardiovascular side effects and indeed some users may report improvement in cardiovascular markers after using this compound.

There is also no reason to worry about hepatotoxicity since Ipamorelin is not toxic to the liver.

Most of the minor side effects of this compound appear very early and may include mild headache, painful injection sites, and elevated prolactin levels. However, elevated prolactin levels can be avoided with cabergoline. In the presence of anabolic steroids based on testosterone, aromatase, gynecomastia can be seen indirectly.

Dosage and use of iPamorelin

Ipamorelin is sold as a lyophilized powder but must be diluted in bacteriostatic water. After it has dissolved, refrigerate it. Draw up into a syringe and inject intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

For dosage ranges, use 200-300 mcg 2-3 times daily. If you wish, you can combine it with other growth hormone releasing hormones for a more synergistic effect. A duration of 8-12 weeks is suitable and can be used indefinitely.


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