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  • Brand Name: Pharmacom
  • Country of manufacture: Moldova
  • Release form: Tablets
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Proviron (Provironos) is a synthetic hormonal steroid, which is characterized by a relative androgenic effect. For medical purposes, it is used to increase sexual desire and the level of natural test. Athletes give special attention to buy and use Proviron as an effective drug for PCT. To acquire an accelerated anabolic result, I advise you to combine it with steroids. The active substance of the anabolic steroid masterolone prevents anabolics from being converted into estrogen. It is popular among representatives of both sexes, because taking the drug does not lead to virilization in the female and gynecomastia in men.

Usage efficiency

The effect of Proviron manifests itself as a small aromatase inhibitor. Prevents the transformation of anabolic steroids into estrogen. It's a lot to understand that for some reason, for some powerlifters, estrogen is pretty much a necessary hormone, and it affects mass gain. Masterolone keeps in touch with these hormones and releases a decent amount of dough, which allows for increased protein synthesis, and therefore hones the performance.

Most of the male hormone, when it enters the body together with anabolics, begins to be suppressed, since there is a parallel connection with albumin and globulin.

Proviron buy on PCT

Since the cost of Proviron is low in our sports pharmacology store, any consumer will be able to afford it to complete the cycle. It has gained mass distribution among CrossFitters and other representatives of the strength disciplines who seek to prevent the possibility of side effects when using anabolics. The main effect of taking an anabolic is an anti-estrogenic effect and the normalization of the production of one's own test. Proviron properly increases libido and regulates erectile function in the stronger sex. In Ukraine, he proved to be the most popular and not dangerous drug for PCT.

Effects of using Proviron in general:

  • aromatase blocking,
  • increase in libido,
  • Improving the quality of erection,
  • Stimulation of the production of free dough,
  • Restoration of muscle tissue density,
  • Acceleration of the process of spermatogenesis.

The use and dosage of Provirona (Provironos)

For women, the use of Provirona (Provironos) is strictly prohibited, because the drug may be the result of the expression of virilization (which means that there may be increased hair growth on the body, a change in the shape of the body according to the male type, a change in the timbre of the voice, a change in the skin). However, if you use Proviron at the indicated allowable dosage of 25 mg per day at the same time as Tamoxifen, the female will see an excellent fat burning effect.

Proviron buy Kyiv, it is recommended for strongmen to take during the use of drugs, as well as for a course of PCT. As a rule, the dosage varies from 25 to 50 mg per day. It is likely that the indicated doses will be increased only after talking with a professional.It is worth starting the use from the beginning of the penultimate week of the anabolic cycle and extending its use until the end of the cycle.

Side effects

If you decide to buy Proviron Ukraine for your own use, you should understand that non-compliance with the dosage regimen and the indicated doses may lead to undesirable effects.

Taking Proviron does not carry a huge risk of detecting side effects, but, after all, it is likely to have a negative effect on the body, namely:

  • Benign or malignant changes in the liver area,
  • Acne can be caused by a sharp increase in the concentration of androgens,
  • Decreased quality of cholesterol
  • Minor changes in the depth of the voice.

When you previously managed to purchase Proviron and test its effect on yourself, then know that the steroid does not retain fluid, does not cause gynecomastia in men.

Where to buy Proviron at an affordable price?

For Proviron, the price of Ukraine in our store of anabolic steroids hulkshop is the lowest, which means that it will attract consumers with its adequacy, in any case, for powerlifters, it is very important to maintain the order of use of all anabolic steroids for maximum effect.


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