Sildenafil (Cenforce Professional 100 mg)


  • Brand: Centurion Laboratories
  • Country of manufacture: India
  • Release form: Tablets


Sildenafil tablets (Cenforce Professional 100 mg)

Sildenafil potency pills are among the most commonly prescribed drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. A proven and effective remedy will help restore an erection and feel young again, even for older people.

How Sildenafil works

The drug activates relaxing processes in the cells of the smooth muscles of the vessels, as a result of which the blood, during sexual arousal, freely fills the cavernous bodies of the penis, which causes an erection. The advantage of the drug is that spontaneous erection does not occur, which many men fear when they refuse to take medicines. It is possible only if a suitable psychological atmosphere and tactile stimulation are created.

The drug should be taken no later than thirty minutes before sexual intercourse. The duration of the drug is about four to five hours, after six hours it is almost completely excreted by the body.

Many chronic diseases are not contraindications for the use of the drug:

  • radiculitis,
  • polyarthritis,
  • diabetes,
  • coronary heart disease.

Also, Sildenafil does not affect the effect of most drugs that are taken on an ongoing basis.

Contraindications, where to buy Sildenafil at a bargain price Ukraine?

Like any other drugs, potency pills have their own contraindications.This is too young age up to 18 years, injuries of the penis, its physiological curvature (it is worth consulting a doctor), cancer, problems with the liver and kidneys, low blood pressure. Side effects occur with an overdose of the drug, the maximum daily dose is one hundred milligrams.

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