Stanozolol (SP Stanozolol)


  • Brand: SP Laboratories
  • Country of manufacture: Moldova
  • Release form: Tablets
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Stanozolol (SP Stanozolol) buy for the formation of a beautiful relief

Stanozolol (SP Stanozolol) is an agent that can be attributed to the group of anabolics. This anabolic is unique, because it consists of 5 benzene rings, while the rest of the steroid drugs have only four. Before buying stanozolol, customers need to know that it does not contribute to a significant increase in muscle mass. Moreover, the anabolic unsurpassedly removes excess fluid from the body, helps to remove excess body fat, and also to gain excellent muscle relief.

Features of Stanozolol

The product in medicine began to be actively used in the 60s. And in sports it has gained its distribution not so long ago. At first, swimmers and athletes liked the anabolic, and only after a couple of decades it became popular in powerlifting. Buy Stanozolol can be in two forms in the form of injections and tablets. In general, they do not have any differences, except that in injections the drug is more effective and faster, as it is absorbed faster by the body of athletes. Stanozolol is not bad because it does not have the quality to retain liquid and does not aromatize. Thanks to this, the tool is so in demand among bodybuilders that they actively take part in competitions. His anabolic parameters are more pronounced than androgenic ones. It is extremely often used as a fat burner.

Product effectiveness

All strongmen want to buy Stanozolol in Ukraine for its high efficiency and special characteristics. They may include:

  • An increase in strength and endurance,
  • Getting rid of excess fluid from muscle tissue, which is due to the lack of aromatization of the steroid,
  • Creating a beautiful relief, which is obtained by removing fluid from the body,
  • Vascularity, which is very effective as an indicator for participation in sports,
  • Fat burning property, thanks to which the product is popular among strongmen and athletes who want to lose weight without delay.

The use and dose of Stanozolol (SP Stanozolol)

This anabolic in sports areas is used both on a solo course and in combination with other androgenic anabolics. The solo cycle is for those who have previously gained a good amount of muscle mass and want to enhance the drawing of the veins and give the muscles relief. The duration of administration lasts 4-6 weeks at a dosage of 30-50 mg daily in any pharmaceutical form. To achieve maximum results, you must also combine the use of a steroid with proper nutrition and enhanced regular physical activity.

Possible side effects

Many athletes prefer to buy Stanozolol Kyiv, but you need to be aware that, despite the fact that the active substance does not turn into estrogens, you can not worry about the occurrence of such symptoms as gynecomastia in men and edema. However, this does not mean that the drug does not have side effects and that it can be used on its own in increased dosages. Common side effects include:

  • Articular pain, trauma to the connective fibers, which may occur as a result of a very long use of the drug.
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Raise blood cholesterol levels
  • Hepatotoxicity.

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