Supertest (Supertest)


  • Brand: SP Laboratories
  • Country of manufacture: Moldova
  • Release form: bottle
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Brief information for those wishing to buy Supertest (Supertest)

Supertest is a unique bundle (combination) of five different testosterone esters, which makes this drug powerful and effective enough to achieve progressive results in bodybuilding and other sports disciplines.

Sp Labs Supertest 450 description

Supertest from Sp Labs (Moldova) begins to act just a few minutes after the injection of the drug, which determines its effectiveness and increasing popularity among athletes of various levels.

The main effects of using the supertest are as follows:

  • Helps build lean muscle mass and strength
  • affects anabolic processes in the body, improves the synthesis of amino acids in muscle tissue
  • stimulates the immune system and libido
  • begins to act on the body after a very short period of time after the introduction
  • not characterized by the manifestation of side effects, subject to proper use

How to take Supertest 450 (Supertest 450)

The minimum cycle of the course with this drug is 6-8 weeks. Injections are made once, weekly. The optimal dosage is 450-900 mg of the drug for each injection.

Supertest 450 can be used in training cycles by both experienced athletes and beginners who have not previously used sports pharmacology. To achieve higher efficiency, the use of the drug in conjunction with other pharmacology is allowed.

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