Testosterone enanthate (Magnus)


  • Brand: Magnus Pharmaceuticals
  • Country of manufacture: India
  • Release form: bottle
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Tesosterone enanthate buy for use in sports purposes

Enanthate belongs to the steroid drugs, which are characterized by potent androgenic and moderate anabolic effects. Because of this, all bodybuilders use it to rapidly increase muscle mass and increase strength in a short time period. A large set of muscle mass is associated with the accumulation of water in the body. Bodybuilders who pursue the task of improving physical characteristics wish to buy testosterone enanthate for themselves.

Characteristics of an injectable steroid

The active substance of the anabolic consists of testosterone and the enanthate ether chain, which is connected to it. This ether helps to slow down the secretion of the male hormone into the bloodstream from the injection site, and, in addition, increases the half-life of the substance from the body. It is possible to see the peak of the release of the substance within a few days. In the next couple of weeks, the level of the male hormone begins to fall. This form of steroid is suitable for athletes, as it requires more rare injections, so it is recommended to buy testosterone enanthate for all athletes.

The main distinctive uniqueness of the active substance lies in the fact that, together with an intense anabolic property, a powerful androgenic one is also expressed. As a percentage, both values ​​are 100% of the sex hormone. This allows, when using the drug, to feel not just a good set of high-quality mass, but also to feel a surge of strength and energy.

The effectiveness of the anabolic Enanthate Magnus

Buy Testosterone Enanthate Magnus is chosen in the world of sports for its excellent benefits and effects on the body.

  • The growth of muscle mass. Muscles gain additional volume. This is partly due to the active process of aromatization of the active substance. The estrogenic activity of the hormone leads to the retention of fluid in muscle tissues. After the completion of the course, the water will leave the body and the phenomenon of rollback may occur.
  • A surge of power. The increase in strength indicators is due to the influx of blood into the muscle fibers. It also promotes immediate tissue regeneration.
  • Elimination of pain in the joints and spine.
  • Due to the strong aromatization of the active substance, effective fat burning is counteracted. The accumulation of fluid in the tissues makes it impossible to assess the amount of excess fat.
  • Due to the strong androgenic effect, the product is contraindicated for use by the fair sex.
  • Taking the sex hormone enanthate

    Enanthate can only be purchased by persons over the age of 18. To prevent manifestations of negative manifestations, it is recommended to conduct an examination and consult with a sports doctor or trainer before starting the course. Injections are made no more than once every three days.

    The dosage of enanthate is found based on the individual characteristics of the strongmen and their state of health. The permissible daily dose cannot go beyond 250-500 mg. With an increase in the amount of muscle mass and the total weight of the bodybuilder, it is necessary to increase the dose. The average duration of a solo course varies approximately 2-3 months. PCT can only be taken 2-3 weeks after the end date of the cycle.

    To prevent possible unwanted symptoms, it is worth using Proviron or other aromatase blockers along with enanthate. It is recommended to monitor the content of estradiol, which will provide a chance to follow the suppression of side effects after consumption of enanthate.

    Side effects

    Before you buy enanthate, you need to know its main disadvantage is the high level of aromatization. The transition to estrogens is due to the occurrence of a number of such unpleasant effects:

    • Priapism and other signs of excessive sexual stimulation (frequent erections),
    • anomalies of the prostate,
    • arterial blood pressure surges,
    • Oily skin,
    • Decreased spermatogenesis,
    • acne,
    • hirsutism,
    • egg atrophy,
    • Aggression and irritability.

    Eliminate such appearances will help the use of antiestrogens. But it is more ideal, without waiting for their appearance, to start using aromatase blockers.

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