Trenbolone mix (Treno Mix)


  • Brand: Zillt Medicine
  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Release form: Ampoules
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Briefly about the drug Trenbolone mix (Treno Mix) Zillt Medicine

Trenbolone Mix is ​​one of the most effective steroids in the modern world of physical pharmacology. This drug combines three esters of trenbolone: ​​enanthate, acetate and hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. In this case, increased effectiveness is observed, since each of the trenbolone esters has a different duration of action in the athlete's body. Therefore, with such a composition, it is really worth buying Treno Mix, since it surpasses any combination of testosterone esters in terms of effectiveness. Only the Sustanon drug has an effect equivalent to the Trenbolone mixture.

Benefits of Treno Mix

With Treno Mix, athletes can quickly build high-quality muscle mass and remove subcutaneous fat. During the use of the steroid treno mix, athletes experience a significant increase in physical capabilities, which affects the increase in strength and endurance. It is also important that the athlete's muscles recover soon after intense training with Trenbolone Mix.

Buying a trenbolone mix (Treno Mix) also makes sense, since this drug does not affect the hormonal background in the body, and this is the athlete's safety from possible side effects. This fact allows you to use the tren mix for both experienced athletes and beginners. It is also quite often used in combination with other drugs, but such experiments are recommended only for experienced athletes.

Dosage of the drug

In most cases, it is recommended with a weekly dosage of 300 milligrams.In the future, the dosage is increased to 400-450 milligrams 2 weeks after the start of the course. For the most experienced athletes who have been training for years, the dosage may be 600 milligrams of a mixture of trenbolone combined with testosterone esters or oxandrolone. The total duration of the course is usually 6-8 weeks, depending on the individual performance of the athlete and the desired effect.

Side effects of trenbolone

With excessive use of the drug Trenbolone Mix or when the course is exceeded, side effects such as excessive aggressiveness, the appearance of acne on the face and body, sleep disturbances, increased blood pressure, gynecomastia, appetite disorders, etc. occur.


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