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Trenbolone mix combination of three forms in one preparation

Trenbolone mix is ​​considered a strong anabolic, which is among the pharmacological preparations offered on the market. It consists of 3 ester forms, namely: acetate, enanthate and hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. If you take any of them separately, it can be noted that they are extremely strong substances. Their androgenic and anabolic activity is quite pronounced. At first, trenbolone was used exclusively for medical purposes and in the treatment of animals, but very soon it embraced power sports. Today, bodybuilders, powerlifters and bench presses prefer to buy a trenbolone mix for themselves, whose main task lies in the rapid set of a significant amount of mass.

Origin of the anabolic steroid

The product contains 3 esterified trenbolone derivatives, which are in equal proportions. Tritren itself as an anabolic is not considered a novelty on the market; it has been taken in sports for many years. It was created back in the 1960s with the aim of using it in veterinary medicine to increase the weight of livestock and animals. As a result, the positive properties of the drug were appreciated by bodybuilders and representatives of power sports. Thus, it became the most demanded of the existing aas.

Qualities of trenbolone mix

In the circle of bodybuilders, the remedy is called Tritren. It was first made by British Dragon around the 2000s. However, there is only one distinguishing feature: a successful combination allows you to maintain normal hormonal balance.This is due to the fact that each ingredient has a different half-life. And, as an example, if the exposure period of acetate ends after 2 days, then immediately after it, enanthate is activated, followed by hexahydrobenzyl carbonate, which are active for 2 weeks.

Many professional athletes prefer to buy trenbolone mix for its main quality of maximum muscle growth, which cannot be achieved with the use of other steroids. In addition, the tool improves endurance and strength of athletes, maintains nitrogen in the body, which actively protects muscle tissue from destruction, and inhibits the production of cortisol. Another important advantage of the drug is its impossibility of aromatization, so athletes do not promise gynecomastia.

Benefits of Tritren (Mixtrenirox 150) and how to use

With a mix of trenbolone esters, you can achieve similar results:

  • The increase in dry weight is about 10-15 kg per cycle,
  • Rapid increase in endurance and strength indicators, helped by a powerful androgenic effect.
  • Fat burning. Will give effect with the right diet. Can be achieved by virtue of increased secretion of insulin growth factor,
  • Decreased cortisol levels
  • No rollback phenomenon
  • The acquisition of relief and firm muscles thanks to the removal of excess fluid,
  • An increase in libido only at the stage of using the drug.
  • Tritren is most often wanted to be taken as a solo course. Such a course has a duration of no more than 6 weeks, with the parallel use of gonadotropin for 8 weeks. Tritren (Mixtrenirox 150) is given in injections 2 times a week at a dosage of 400 mg. Gonadotropin at a dosage of 500 units.It is important to apply only once a week, starting from the second week of the cycle and until its very end.

    Upon completion of the trenbolone mix cycle after 2 weeks, it is also important to undergo post-cycle therapy, using Clomid for this at a dosage of 100 mg for the first 5 days, and 50 mg for the next ten days.

    If you want to prevent the manifestation of unpleasant consequences, you will have to strictly adhere to many rules of application, because trenbolone mix is ​​a kind of heavy artillery.

    You can also choose a trenbolone mix for a complex cycle. In most cases, Masteron or Stanozolol acts as a concomitant during the drying period and to improve strength indicators, and testosterone to gain high-quality muscle mass.

    side effects

    Undesirable results from the use of a mixture of esters occur in the same way as from each of them separately. Most often observed:

    • sleep disorders,
    • Rash, acne,
    • increase in blood pressure,
    • Baldness,
    • High oiliness of the skin.

    Fortunately, estrogen and progesterone unpleasant symptoms do not occur when taking the mix.

    Since there is a decrease in the secretion of the natural male hormone at the end of the cycle, a sluggish erection and a decrease in libido may disturb. Too long use of the drug or refusal of post-cycle therapy can cause testicular atrophy.

    There is also a slight effect on the kidneys and liver.

    Where to buy trenbolone mix at an affordable price?

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