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  • Country of manufacture: Bulgaria
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Buy Clenbuterol for a pronounced decrease in body fat

Clenbuterol is a very interesting product that any strongman should pay attention to. It belongs to the non-steroidal group of hormones, but its effect is one hundred percent similar to steroid drugs. Initially, Clenbuterol was created and used mainly in medicine only for the treatment of asthma. But mainly due to its characteristics, it has gained wide distribution mainly in the world of sports, in particular among athletes, who for many years prefer to buy clenbuterol to achieve their desired goals.

The principle of action of Clenbuterol (Clen)

The main goal of Clenbuterol (Clen) is to promote the rapid and exponential growth of muscle mass, which is still loaded with a large influx of strength and energy. They say that Clenbuterol has a pronounced anti-catabolic effect, since it allows you to reduce the ratio of protein destruction to a greater extent of muscle fibers and promotes the growth of muscle cells. That is why most athletes want to buy Clenbuterol, the price of which is affordable for anyone, and especially for taking at the final stage of the anabolic cycle to suppress the catabolic phase and maximize the preservation of muscles and strength traits.

Another positive effect of the product is its enhanced fat burning properties. It allows you to get rid of excess body fat without dieting, by increasing body temperature. This prompts the body to burn fats as fuel for conversion into energy, which is so necessary for athletes.Professional athletes take maple during the pre-competition phase.

Reception features

Since with the parallel use of anabolic and androgenic steroid drugs with Clenbuterol, as a result of an increase in body temperature, there is an increase in the effect of anabolics on the body, since protein synthesis is accelerated. The dosage of products is set solo and depends directly on the weight of the athlete. Ideally, bodybuilders use 5-7 tablets, which corresponds to 100-140 mcg per day. Girls can buy Clenbuterol and take it at a dosage of 80-100 mcg daily. It is ideal to start with one pill per day, and increase daily to the dose prescribed by a specialist. There are various patterns of use, but everywhere the main goal is to achieve high-quality fat burning, as well as the right ratio of strength growth and muscle mass. The duration of consumption for any option taken will be at least 8-10 weeks.

Table of uses of Clenbuterol




















36 tablets

Adverse reactions

Since it is possible to buy Clenbuterol Kyiv at any time, even without leaving home, and besides, it does not belong to hormonal drugs and does not have unpleasant manifestations characteristic of anabolics, girls and men willingly use it. Possible negative effects may include:

  • Anxiety,
  • Irritability,
  • Tachycardia,
  • twitching of limbs,
  • Migraine,
  • Strong sweating
  • Sleepiness and fatigue
  • muscle spasms, cramps,
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Nausea, occasional vomiting.

These manifestations are short-lived, disappear on their own after a week, without even requiring the end of the use of the drug.A contraindication will be individual intolerance to the active substance and other components of the product.

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