Growth Hormone (Somatropin Liquid)


  • Brand: Novartis bio
  • Country of manufacture: China
  • Release form: bottle


Description of Growth Hormone (Somatropin Liquid)

Somatotropic hormone, growth hormone, Somatropin, STH are all names for laboratory-derived natural human growth hormone. In nature, it is produced by the anterior pituitary gland, and the main effect is on the growth of tubular bones in adolescence. It is used to treat a lack of growth hormone in the body of children and adolescents, sports pharmacology uses the drug for athletes in drying and mass-gathering courses. It is worth noting that with age, the production of one's own growth hormone slows down, which leads to various health problems, and sometimes, with a critical level of somatotropin, a drug with the same name is prescribed to make up for its deficiency.

The impact of growth hormone (Somatropin Liquid) Novartis-bio on the body

In bodybuilding, growth hormone is used to reduce subcutaneous fat, simply put, it removes fat. It also has a good effect on the musculoskeletal system, while solo is used quite rarely, more often with other fat burners or androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS). Add it in the treatment of injuries of the joints and ligaments, bone fractures.

The effect it has on the body is multifaceted:

  • there is a faster increase in high-quality muscle mass,
  • the percentage of adipose tissue decreases,
  • the condition after injuries improves due to the activation of regenerative processes,
  • improves the quality of the musculoskeletal system as a whole,
  • immunity is strengthened.

Side Effects of Novartis Bio Growth Hormone

Growth hormone, if overdosed or misused, can have serious side effects. First, I would like to say that it can be used by people who have completely completed the formation of the skeleton and the growth of tubular bones has stopped. And this is the age of 25 years in any case. You can not use such a strong drug thoughtlessly, as there will be more harm than good.

The most serious side effect is hypertrophy of the heart muscles, which will eventually lead to decompensation and myocardial infarction. There may be pain during movement, the timbre of the voice changes, and acromegaly develops.

Where to buy growth hormone (Somatropin Liquid) Novartis Bio in Ukraine, what is the price?

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