Ibutamoren and ligandrol (Ligandrol + Ibutamoren)


  • Brand: Special Force Pharm
  • Country of manufacture: USA
  • Release form: Capsules
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Course Ligandrol + Ibutamoren – complex mass of the set

Ligandrol + Ibutamoren are known in sports pharmacology as drugs that are in great demand among athletes. A comprehensive intake of funds will give a result in a short time if you want to gain dry weight and burn excess body fat.

Impact of Ligandrol

LGD 4033 as a muscle builder. This is a selective androgen receptor modulator, the main task of which is to activate testosterone receptors, which are located in muscle and adipose tissues.

Action of Ibutamoren

This active substance is a strong stimulant that promotes the release of growth hormone. It affects the work of ghrelin receptors, which are located in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. By activating the receptors, the production of somatotropin increases, which, together with testosterone, is considered the main growth hormone in the formative course for bodybuilders and other power sports.

  • Ligandrol will show itself in all its glory.
  • Ibutamoren – will show an explosive effect on the production of growth hormone.
  • In complex use, they give results if the goal is to gain muscle mass and reduce body fat. Positive feedback about the course speaks for itself, because some athletes manage to increase body weight gain in one month up to 5 kg.

    Interaction of two drugs in one course

    If you're looking for a mass course, you won't be disappointed with the LGD 4033 + MK 677.The combined combination of pharmacological agents acts in two directions at once: it triggers the activation of the body's anabolic reserves and accelerates muscle hypertrophy. Substances act on the body, not competing with each other, but doing a common thing, causing an increase in peak strength. The total intake of two drugs at the same time gives a pronounced effect and is much more profitable than taking each of them separately.

    Course Ligandrol + Ibutamoren: effects on strength and muscle mass

    The combined course of Ligandrol + Ibutamoren is non-steroidal, therefore it does not have a negative effect on the male body in the form of hair loss, gynecomastia and other side effects. It contributes to an increase in muscle energy reserves, an increase in working weights and an increase in strength indicators, endurance during training and preparing for competitions. After taking the drug, the regeneration of the body improves.

    Positive Effects

    The course would not have received such popularity if it were not for its advantages:

    • muscle protein synthesis
    • hypertrophy of muscle tissue
    • Blocking catabolism prevents protein breakdown
    • Increasing body reserves due to glycogen compensation
    • Increase performance and endurance
    • Positive effect on the musculoskeletal system
    • Strengthening of connective tissues

    Buy a course of Ibutamoren + Ligandrol for weight gain in Ukraine

    If you want to improve weight performance, improve endurance and at the same time not harm your health, use a non-steroid course that will help you achieve the desired result in a short time with minimal risk to the health of athletes. Then you should buy a course of Ligandrol Ibutamoren, the price of which is affordable in our online store of sports pharmacology Hulk Shop.


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