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  • Brand: WestPharm
  • Country of manufacture: USA
  • Release form: bottle
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Excellent PEG MGF Peptide

One of the PEG MGF peptides most loved by many athletes. It is an artificial insulin growth factor IGF 1. The task of the drug is to stimulate the division of myoblasts, thereby increasing muscle mass. It was originally used to treat people with dystrophy.

Why you need PEG MGF Peptides

Athletes quickly realized all the benefits of the peptide: the main plus for those who are fond of power sports is a quick set of high-quality muscle mass.

Benefits of using PEG MHF:

  • decreased appetite,
  • accelerated growth of muscle mass,
  • reduction of subcutaneous fat,
  • power lift,
  • strengthening the bones of the skeleton,
  • the relief becomes clear, pronounced,
  • increase in overall endurance.

It can be used in courses on mass gain and drying. The effect of the drug is similar to the growth hormone somatotropin. At the same time, the price of PEG MGF peptides is much lower and available to everyone.

Dosage and side effects

Side effects are possible with an increase in the recommended dosage of the peptide. They are not strong, but unpleasant: nosebleeds, rapid heartbeat, itching in the mornings in the extremities, swelling is possible. Therefore, you should not experiment on yourself by increasing the frequency of administration or the dose of the drug. Muscles will not grow faster from this.

The maximum dose is 100 mcg: injections are carried out with an insulin syringe before or after training. The frequency of administration is two to four times a week: on the days of visiting the gym. The course should be up to four weeks long.

It is necessary to dilute the powder with water for injection, carefully pouring it along the wall of the vial. Mechanical mixing is unacceptable, peptide chains can be broken. Store the diluted powder in the refrigerator.

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