Peptides (CJC-1295)


  • Brand: WestPharm
  • Country of manufacture: USA
  • Release form: bottle
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Peptides (CJC-1295)

Peptides (CJC-1295) have a clear advantage over conventional and recombinant growth hormone. In people who do not have health problems, the peptide stimulates the production of GH for two weeks. Its largest amount will be in the blood on the sixth day after the injection.

Peptide Efficiency (CJC-1295)

The drug is extremely popular among athletes involved in power sports. Studies have shown that it has similar effects to growth hormone:

  • gives a significant increase in strength,
  • begins to increase muscle mass,
  • has an effect on the appearance, the skin is leveled, fine wrinkles disappear:
  • the musculoskeletal system is strengthened,
  • the sleep-wake pattern is normalized.

The peptide showed its best side as a replacement for the hormone somatotropin. At the same time, prolactin does not rise, but protein synthesis increases, which allows muscles to grow intensively. Works on HGH and IFG-1 growth stimulus as well.

Athletes using CJC-1295 report improved sleep quality. Dive into the deep phase is fast, it lasts longer, which has a positive effect on increasing muscle mass, recovery, and regeneration after training. This point is important, because often athletes after training in the gym, especially if they fell in the evening, sleep is seriously disturbed.

How to take peptides

The dosage should be calculated based on weight: it is usually up to 60 micrograms per kilogram. With anti-aging use of the drug, it is recommended to make two injections per day, for sports purposes, the dosage is divided into three injections per day.
These drugs are not prohibited and you can buy them completely legally.
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