Peptides GHRP-6


  • Brand: Canada Peptides
  • Country of manufacture: Canada
  • Release form: bottle
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Peptide GHRP-6

The use of GHRP-6 is due to its wide spectrum of action. Research is still ongoing, which in no way detracts from the benefits of the peptide for amateur and professional athletes.

What gives the peptide to the human body

The drug acts as a fat-burning agent, helps to improve the general condition of the body, increases the production of androgen hormone. During the course, the following effects are noted:

  • an increase in the concentration of growth hormone in the blood,
  • normalization of sleep and lengthening of the deep phase,
  • shortening the recovery period between workouts,
  • no feeling of overtraining,
  • a noticeable increase in muscle volume,
  • increased muscle definition,
  • boost metabolism,
  • increased appetite,
  • improving immunity and strengthening it,
  • visibly increases endurance training can be done more effectively.

GHRP-6 peptides will be useful for almost all athletes, they will help to achieve the desired results. As a fat burner, the drug can only be used in combination with a strict diet, it is most suitable not for those who just want to lose weight, but for those who want to get a qualitative increase in muscle mass. You can apply GHRP-6 on drying.

A good effect gives a course with the addition of various amino acids and sports nutrition.

Reception and dosage

As always, the dosage is calculated based on the weight of the athlete. The calculation is simple: for one kilogram of an athlete's weight, there is 1 microgram of a substance. Injections are made three times a day 15-30 minutes before meals and before training. Growth hormone levels begin to rise in thirty minutes, fall within two hours.

It is not recommended to exceed the dosage, since there will be no increase in GH, and side effects are possible. The specified dose is optimal.

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